Hi, we're Acumium.

We are an agency unlike any other. We bring deep expertise in web design, application development, user experience, marketing, and IT to every project. Proudly based in Madison, Wisconsin, we pair our pragmatic and data-driven approach with genuine caring and a classic Midwestern work ethic to create amazing experiences for your customers and get shit done.

We're proven digital leaders, and we're here to help you get real results. Whether you're a startup or an established business, we love to work with brands that are making a difference. We'd love to put our team of tinkerers and rockstars to work for you.


Acumium brought a strategic and disciplined approach to our website development and design process, with a true focus on our consumers and optimizing their experiences. I am really excited to take the project to the next phase for the brand.

Milissa Rick, Schwinn Bicycles

Why our clients love us

We have a deep toolbox

From business strategy to web design to app development to marketing, our team of experienced rockstars have the tools and the know how to solve complex problems.

We are data-driven and human-centric

Data tells stories about how to better serve your customers. We extract those stories, listen to what they have to say, and then act.

We are a Google and Microsoft Partner

Partnering with Microsoft and Google allows us to offer additional benefits to our clients and keep your competitive edge sharp.

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