In search of high performing software, we provided American Family with a simple strategy for significant growth.

American Family

The back story

American Family was looking for an objective third-party analysis of their recently acquired software products to help them create a new best-in-class software. 

Services we've provided 

About American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance is a mutual company whose focus is property, casualty, commercial, auto, and life insurance. 

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We've done some great work together.

Ecommerce Discovery, Planning, and Design

Paving the way for a redesigned website on a new platform.

With outdated software, an ecommerce discovery, planning and design project was kicked off to lay the groundwork for a rebuild and re-platform of one of AmFam’s software offerings. They wanted a more streamlined website experience with a focused and simplified product offering that would put them in a good position for significant growth. 

UX Research, Testing, and Evaluation

Developing a roadmap to a better software offering.

Our first engagement was a UX research, testing and evaluation project to assess recently acquired software platforms against user interface and user experience best practices. We identified and prioritized areas of opportunity and sought to understand how their users were using the software, what they valued, and their challenges. 

Through assessments, surveys, and significant observational and hands-on field study research we documented, prioritized and summarized our findings in a way that enabled the AmFam team to leverage a solid product road map and build a significantly improved software offering.