From a modest catalog retailer to a successful e-commerce giant, we helped Duluth realize their digital potential.


Duluth Trading Company

The back story

When we met Duluth Trading in 2005, they were a modest catalog retailer with no online commerce in place. We brought them online through strategic web technology consultation and development of a custom, full-featured e-commerce platform. They are now a publicly-traded company (DLTH on NASDAQ) and for more than a decade we played a key role as their e-commerce development and IT team, providing technology expertise and road mapping, website updates, UX optimizations, integration management, IT/web server support, and much more.

Services we've provided

About Duluth Trading Company

Duluth Trading Company is a multi-channel retailer of ingenious and rugged work apparel and accessories that solve problems for hard-working men and women.

Visit www.duluthtrading.com

Acumium helped us enhance our checkout experience by streamlining customer workflows with a mobile-first and touch-friendly approach. This dramatic change successfully increased cart-to-order rates.

Jennifer Gordon , Duluth Trading Company

We've done some great work together.


E-commerce Development

An intuitive web design for exceptional customer experience.

Early on in our partnership, we provided strategic web technology consulting and developed a custom, full-featured e-commerce platform for the catalog retailer. Since the initial development, we supported Duluth's e-commerce needs. 

Additionally, we've optimized their SEO, and redesigned their mobile checkout so that it was responsive and easy to use.

Key accomplishments.

+25% online sales

In the first year, online sales increased by 25%, exceeded the company average order value (AOV) by 3%, and a 16% increase in web order conversions.

Enhanced checkout UX

Streamlined customer workflows with mobile-first approach that led to a dramatic increase in cart-to-order rates against their previous checkout experience.

SEO best practices playbook

Produced an extensive SEO training manual and enterprise SEO training to over 30 staff members at Duluth Trading Company.