Anyone can read a few SEO articles and tinker with their website, but weekend warriors don't know the best tricks. If you're serious about improving your search engine rankings, you hire an expert with a deep knowledge of SEO and search algorithms. You partner with someone who can identify your underlying search engine optimization issues and advise you on the right course of action.

For over 16 years, we've optimized websites for organic search. As a full-service agency with capabilities across the spectrum, we understand how SEO needs to work in harmony with your other marketing channels to increase your web traffic and brand awareness. All this to say, we're ready to tackle any SEO challenge for you.

Some recent projects

Our SEO services

Bot-friendly SEO

  • Metadata updates
  • Page speed
  • Canonicals
  • Schema
  • Domain strategy
  • URL optimization
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Trustworthy Backlinking

  • Back linking quantity
  • Quality back linking
  • Referring sites
  • Link building
  • Directory optimization
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Relevant Content

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • On-site optimization
  • Content density and duplication
  • Landing page development
  • Content strategy and planning
  • Blogs and content hubs
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Acumium clearly laid out expectations, kept us updated along the way, followed through on deliveries, and remained open-minded, flexible, and understanding throughout. Acumium just gets it. They are real people who know what they are doing and understand how the results matter.

Kate Fitzmier, Eagle Optics

Benefits of SEO

Investment in SEO is smart business.

An investment in search engine optimization is a smart business decision when you're looking to grow. When done well, your website earns top spots in organic search engine results. You're easier to find, which means customers are more likely to see you. We provide SEO services to emerging brands, established online retailers, and lead generation-focused companies looking to increase brand awareness, website traffic, sales, and profits. 

Keyword research & optimization
Performance optimization
Link-building campaigns

Google Partners

Your SEO experts in Madison, WI.

Being a trusted Google Partner and having Google Analytics Certified members gives you an advantage when you work with us. Our results-driven team has a strong technical focus. We use “white hat” SEO practices, not generic, cookie-cutter SEO packages. Each client has a customized plan and when we have a question, Google is there to help us help you.

Enterprise level SEO
Google AdWords management
Website domain changes
URL overhauls

SEO programs

SEO audits

Find out why your organic traffic is slipping or why your rankings are tanking. We perform a deep-dive SEO audit to get to the root of the issues and provide prioritized recommendations to make a difference.

  • Technical SEO Check
  • Content relevancy audit
  • Backlinking/authority check
  • Keyword/traffic analysis
  • Competitive analysis

Monthly SEO program management

Keeping a pulse on your rankings and organic traffic is the best way to prevent an SEO nightmare. We manage SEO for our clients, help them grow their organic traffic and make good decisions to improve their findability.

  • Keyword rankings
  • Search engine traffic insights
  • Technical SEO checks
  • SEO content recommendations
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