A better web experience for customers was the ask. An edgy website design, easy ordering and optimized SEO was what was Roastar got.



The back story 

Roastar was looking to give their customers an online order experience that was simple, informative, intuitive, and transparent. The nature of ordering customized bags online requires clear instruction and efficient workflows for both customers and internal representatives to easily and efficiently manage their projects, artwork and orders. 

Roastar selected our team of experts to provide user experience (UX) expertise to improve their custom online ordering process. This extensive project began with the right mix of upfront research methods to gain feedback from the Roastar team and their customers. This included customer journey benchmarking, usability testing, user interviews and surveys. Out of this initial research, we designed wireframes and outlined narrative stories to drive web development by Roastar’s team. In addition, our team prioritized experimenting and A/B testing with new design elements to maximize CRO. 

Services we've provided

About Roastar

Roastar is a digital printer and manufacturer of flexible packaging, specializing in the coffee and tea, specialty food, and pet food industries. They provide premium full-color, photo quality bags with a fast turnaround, low minimum orders, free delivery and more.

Visit www.roastar.com

We've done some great work together.


Website Design + SEO

Creating a Web Design that Rocks

Before embarking on the redesign, Roastar wanted to understand how customers interacted with the website and how to improve their online custom ordering process. We ran pre-launch usability tests with representative users on the staging site to validate the usability of the new website, custom ordering process, and gain user feedback before launch. We setup Google Analytics tracking, dashboards and reporting to give Roastar insights into the effectiveness of their new site after launch. 

Roastar wanted a visually appealing, yet easy-to-use website that was more findable in search engines. We got to work creating style tiles, design concepts, and outlined narrative stories to drive the information architecture and site functionality for the new site. At the same time we implemented SEO best practices to help Roastar achieve good search rankings.