Many sites and apps are built on a foundation of good intentions, and they fail. Humans are funny. We're not as predictable as you'd think. Testing lets us identify design flaws before a website or app is launched, and ideally even before development. Proactive testing contributes to better conversions, increased revenue, and, when fixes are done before launch, lower development costs.

Once a system is live, an ongoing attention to regular, incremental testing plays an important role in site optimization. The qualitative and human aspect to it adds context to quantitative data, e.g. from Google Analytics, and allows you to make more informed, smarter business decisions that support your bottom line.

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Our power tools for gaining insights

Usability Testing

We identify flaws and uncover issues in your digital product by seeing how easily people can use it.

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First-Click Testing

With one click, we evaluate how easily people can take the first step to accomplishing their goals.

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Tree Testing

We use goal-based tasks to validate and refine a hierarchical information structure before it's implemented.

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A/B Testing

We experiment and compare two options for a UI element or microcopy to see which one works best.

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Multivariate Testing

We test variations in multiple components on a page at time, to measure the combined effects of small changes.

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Heat / Click / Scroll Mapping

We use time-tested ways of visualizing where users are clicking and how they're using your page to recommend optimizations.

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Data-Driven Insights

Understanding the "why" behind the "what."

It's not hard to get quantitative analytics on a digital experience. Most of the time, you just hook Google Analytics up and let it run. What's missing behind the numbers, though, is the "why." When you see problems, why are they happening? What's leading to this behavior? Where are people getting hung up? Testing is your window into the nuances of human behavior that can make or break an experience. And when you know what's happening and why, you can fix it.

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Benefits of User Testing

Testing is a smart business investment.

Experiences that aren't intuitive and usable generally fail. Failure can range from a ding on your brand to full-on abandonment. Users are impatient, with little appetite to work around your site or application's design flaws. They'll simply go somewhere else. The benefits of testing make it an easy decision for any smart business owner. With testing, you can:

  • Help ensure your site or application is meeting goals
  • Proactively identify issues before they affect your entire user base
  • Mediate internal disagreements on approach
  • Lower your costs (redesign, redevelopment)
  • Prevent damage to your brand impression from a poor experience

What's the ROI of peace of mind?
Our testing services will help you go confidently in the direction of solid business decisions that are based on real data, not guesswork.