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Fristam Pumps

The back story

In 2019, Fristam Pumps contacted Acumium because they wanted to build a customer portal as a value-add function on their website. They want to give their distributors the tools to independently log in and see order details, order status, sales invoices, and tracking/shipping information.

Services we’ve provided

About Fristam Pumps

Fristam Pumps is a leading global manufacturer of high quality sanitary stainless steel pumps, blenders, and mixers. They are known for their top quality, reliable performance, and high lifetime value.

Visit www.fristam.com/usa

We've done some great work together.


Custom Software Design + Development

Creation and Ongoing Improvements of a Customer Portal

Fristam Pumps turned to Acumium to help them plan, design, build and launch a user-friendly customer portal for their distributor customer base. The initial build needed to allow distributors to log in and “self-help” answer many of the common questions that were being asked of their customer service team, such as sales order and invoice details and ship status and tracking information.

In partnership, Acumium and Fristam Pumps built the customer portal and continue to build on functionality, such as allowing for secure invoice payments, ordering of small parts, easy parts product filtering, and serial number system upgrades.

The Acumium team helped them with all aspects of the project from the upfront planning, design, development and back-end integrations and automations.