Any IT company can say they offer "cloud solutions," but it's important to recognize not all cloud solutions companies are the same. There are different models, service-level agreements, and expertise. Some IT service providers don’t have the level of knowledge and real experience to handle critical situations effectively, which can be devastating for your business. We have that true expertise in cloud computing solutions, and we've handled those critical situations. That’s the difference that Acumium brings to the table.

Our cloud solutions are 100% built, managed, and maintained by our leading infrastructure experts (no outsourcing). We take a customer-first approach to solving problems. We focus on performance, security and reliability to ensure we meet the needs of your application, website, or online business. We'll never sell you something you don’t need.  

Stay focused on your business, we’ve got you covered.

Cloud services for our clients

Companies who trust our cloud services

Full cloud computing capabilities

Security + Compliance

  • WAF, negative test monitoring 
  • HIPAA, PCI, GDPR and more 
  • End-to-end application encryption 
  • Secure backup / redundancy solutions 
  • Hybrid network deployment 
  • Documentation 
  • Compliance questionnaire guidance 
  • Vulnerability scanning 
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Cloud Management

  • APM, Server KPI monitoring 
  • Asset and resource optimization 
  • Infrastructure strategy, design, and implementation 
  • Microsoft CSP 
  • Microsoft O365 and Google Apps deployment, migration, and management 
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Website + Application Hosting

  • Application and server “lift and shift” deployments 
  • Cloud migration strategy and implementation 
  • Server and application rescue 
  • WordPress, IIS, LAMP and more
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Some of our technology expertise

Microsoft Silver Partner Amazon Web Services Microsoft Azure


When our website had ongoing/reoccurring downtime and refresh issues, we turned to Acumium to diagnose, update and get our server in a healthy spot. They were fast, easy to work with and got the job done while keeping us informed along the way.

Charlie Knudsen, QuadCapital

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Keep your business running under the most demanding circumstances

We build secure, scalable, resilient, and performant applications in Amazon Web Services (AWS) that allow our hosted services to stay running under the most demanding circumstances. Leveraging features like auto-scaling, load balancing, CloudFront, and AWS Shield, we make sure your applications stay secure and deliver a blazing fast application to your end users.  Check out a few of our companies using our custom SaaS infrastructure to maintain their ecommerce platform. 

Customers: Proclip USAEmergency Medical Products and Tandy Leather Factory 

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Cloud migrations and global deployments

Microsoft knows a thing or two about running Windows systems. That is why we routinely use Azure for Windows Server to manage cloud-based applications that require high performance  and high security. Whether you’re looking to migrate an existing workload to the cloud or supplement an on-premises service with cloud redundancy, we can help from planning to implementation to ongoing cloud server and application management. 

Using Azure combined with our technology and compliance expertise, we have deployed the Omega Laboratories web application into four continents. 

O365 + Google Apps business productivity solutions

We keep you productive so you can grow your business

It is becoming commonplace to move productivity apps like email, document storage and manipulation, and knowledge sharing into the cloud with Office 365 or Google Apps.  

The migration and management of this environment can be overwhelming and confusing. The benefits of making a move like this are countless. We can help make it a reality with migration planning and implementation, management, and licensing. 

Just like the Great Dane Brewery does, stop worrying about compliance, continuity, and upgrades and focus on what matters to you; growing your business. 

WP Engine

WordPress Hosting

Premium hosting and support for serious businesses

We provide premium hosting and website support, at a modest cost, for Wordpress sites for businesses who are serious about their business. We use WPEngine as our go to hosting environment and add the layer of technical and admin support that you just won’t get with most providers out there. 

Our Wordpress hosting services includes URL monitoring, alerting, and response. We include security tools that alert of potential issues (before they become full-blown problems). We maintain your backups and perform scheduled plugin and core patching and testing. And, we provide three environments for your site (dev/staging/prod) so that you can test updates before putting them in production. 

Examples of sites that we manage: ISHI News (Promega Corp.), GCW Lawyers and Quality Power Solutions 

Why customers value our cloud services

Our efforts are genuine

At Acumium, we're the opposite of the used car salesmen of IT. We aren’t just out to sell you something you don't need, just to make a buck. We are easy to work with and are genuinely interested in providing a long-lasting, quality solution that fits your needs. This is a partnership; we'll stand with you and work for you as long as you us need to.

We're more than just IT people

Acumium’s IT team works alongside application developers, digital marketers, user experience designers, and business professionals and owners. We’re not just solving IT problems.  

We understand global server deployments

We’re experienced in deploying solutions around the globe and support the data compliance regulations that come along with global presence.  

Security isn't just a word

If you listen to technology news, there are breaches, data leaks, and intrusions happening daily. Not with Acumium. Not under our watch. Our team considers application security an integral part of any deployment. We won't let you down.  

We offer 24/7 support in the U.S.

We always have multiple experienced and professional staff members assigned and available to handle technical support when you need it, even if it’s 3 a.m.

We know what we're doing

When it’s Black Friday or Cyber Monday , our ecommerce sites hum right along. That’s because we built an infrastructure that is optimized to handle even extreme business needs.

Looking for an IT change?
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