In need of a strong web partner with strong web security and compliance expertise, First Business Bank looked to Acumium as their right fit technology partner to help them with all their digital needs.


First Business Bank

The back story

Being in the financial industry, First Business Bank needed a digital partner with strong expertise in web security and compliance. They sought a partner who could also help them design and develop a new website that would help them better serve their online visitors.

Services we’ve provided

About First Business Bank

First Business Financial Services, Inc. is a publicly held, Wisconsin-based bank holding company. Anchored by their four locations in Wisconsin and Kansas, their team of financial experts specialize in Commercial Banking, Specialty Finance, Private Wealth, and Bank Consulting services. They serve business executives and high net worth individuals across a national market.

Their entrepreneurial roots provide unique understanding of client motivations and empathy for the barriers and high stakes ambitious business owners face every day. Their focus on serving the unique needs of these customers allows First Business Bank to provide truly client-centered solutions, unmatched expertise, and unwavering attention to customer service.

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We've done some great work together.


Security and Threat Mitigation

An integrative approach to security

As a business in the financial sector, security and threat mitigation is of utmost importance to First Business Bank. Acumium ensured their site used the latest secure coding practices and proactive monitoring techniques, minimizing risk for First Business Bank and its customers, supporting the integrity of the brand, and protecting the trust with First Business Bank clients.


User Experience Design + Website Development

Creating a website that exceeds expectations

First Business Bank sought to design and develop a new website to better serve their online visitors. They wanted a refreshed and modern look that aligned with their brand, reinforcing the credibility, professionalism, and care that First Business Bank offers their clients.

Providing an excellent user experience that is accessible and meets ADA compliance requirements, while maintaining strong SEO and enhanced lead generation capabilities were all top priorities for the new site.