Relying on our technical expertise, RESCO partnered with our development teams on custom applications.



The back story

RESCO needed an experienced software development partner to help guide them to a complete definition of an initial minimum-viable-product (MVP) application, as well as collaborate with their developers to build and deploy their initial "go-to-market" web application to replace their existing offline business application.

Services we've provided


RESCO is a member-owned, non-profit electrical wholesaling organization that serves rural electric cooperatives, municipal electric utilities, and investor-owned utilities in the Midwest.

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We've done some great work together.


Custom Software Development

An experienced software development partnership.

Together our developers collaborated on a custom software project where we were the primary development team providing detailed planning and integration guidance, front-end development, quality assurance, and cross-browser testing. RESCO developers handled the API development, user acceptance testing and authentication aspects of the software build.