Looking for Magento 2 experts, pc/nametag found more than a developer partner in our teams of technical experts and digital marketing gurus.



The back story 

pc/nametag had an offshore developer managing their Magento 2 store, but the time difference and communication barriers made it difficult to really advance their e-commerce platform. With limited developer resources in-house, they sought a long-term partner for Magento 2 development support, UX design and more. To kick things off, we conducted a comprehensive e-commerce, digital marketing, technical review, and web performance evaluation to gain an overarching picture of pc/nametag’s digital ecosystem. We uncovered insights and opportunities and formed an actionable plan to effectively improve their e-commerce. Out of the comprehensive evaluation came a prioritized backlog of issues to address. Our teams worked together with pc/nametag to quickly resolve issues and enhance their website.

Services we've provided

About pc/nametag

pc/nametag is the world’s largest provider of meeting name tags, custom imprinting supplies and name tag services for the meeting industry.

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We've done some great work together.


Magento Development + Support

A reliable and responsive development partner.

We provide routine maintenance for site improvements, troubleshooting of Magento issues, break-fixes and performance tuning to ensure pc/nametag’s ecommerce website runs at its fullest potential.


Growth Accelerator Program

Capitalizing on key growth opportunities.

In addition, we provide pc/nametag with a steady flow of objective and data-driven insights, guidance, and coordination to capitalize on key opportunities to grow and optimize their offerings and brand using a holistic view across product, service, and channel.


Website + Digital Marketing Evaluation

Uncovering issues and opportunities for improvement.

We reviewed pc/nametag’s ecommerce website from a user experience and marketing perspective to identify its search engine findability, usability, and conversion pain points. We also analyzed their codebase, plugins, integration points, technical debt, and site performance to form an actionable plan to address outstanding issues and provide pc/nametag with ongoing support.