What started as a simple website redesign turned into a comprehensive partnership for continued success.


Quality Power Solutions

The back story

A few years ago we redesigned Quality Power Solutions’ website and took on their strategic digital marketing efforts with a keen focus on creating a goal-oriented and mobile-friendly website, honing in on their unique value proposition (UVP), writing content to support the brand, increasing their SEO tactics, and building a comprehensive digital strategy to support lead generation efforts.

Services we've provided

About Quality Power Solutions

QPS provides companies with backup power solutions for their mission-critical data centers. Their consultative approach, quality power products and comprehensive maintenance and service plans keep businesses running.

Visit: www.qpsolutions.net

Acumium was a great choice for us. They have been extremely helpful throughout this whole process. We are very pleased with our new site, and happy to report we received our first lead just four days after launch.

Mike Bergum , Quality Power Solutions

We've done some great work together.


Website Design + Digital Marketing

A website redesign with impact.

We launched the QPS site redesign and within six months they saw an increase in leads. We attribute the new leads to the new design and an enhanced content marketing strategy that we kicked off upon launch. Additionally, we worked with QPS to increase their ad spend and gain even more awareness and high quality leads. Ever since, traffic and leads have been dramatically on the rise. Traffic has increased twofold and leads have gone from 1-2 on average per month to 6-8. 

We're continuing to improve relevancy and quality by pruning more keywords with QPS and are doing everything we can to improve growth.

Key accomplishments.

+10.2% website sessions

Month over month average increase in website sessions (no prior growth).

+1,560% website leads

83 service inquiries via the web in the six months after website launch compared with 5 inquiries the six months prior.

20 terms in top 20 results

20 terms post-website launch vs. 12 terms ranking in the top 20 results of search engine results pages prior to launch.