Customers are more empowered than ever. They’ll leave you in their digital dust if you’re not bringing your A-game. A winning approach to digital marketing happens by design, not luck. You need a comprehensive set of flexible solutions aimed at boosting brand awareness, driving customer acquisition, enabling sales, and reinforcing retention.

Working with us means hiring on a dedicated team of smart people who love to help businesses grow. We dive into your business needs, cover whiteboards with possibilities, tell great stories with compelling data, and create value in whatever we do. 

Digital marketing awesomeness for our clients

Great brands trust our digital marketing expertise


Acumium’s digital marketing has been a force in growing our online business. Their team of results-driven professionals bring their “A” game on everything from big picture planning right down to the daily tactics.

Don Rankin, ProClip USA

Secret sauce

Growth Accelerator Program

A little taste of our secret sauce.

We've created a framework that drives digital growth no matter where an organization is in its life cycle. From startup to industry leader, it's crucial that every company always be searching for opportunities to grow. We catalog and categorize big ideas (and small ones), grounded by data, that fuel relevant growth. Leveraging the testing framework to double down on opportunities that have the greatest chance of success. Using data and prioritization scores to lead development and design work and ensure we're spending your dollars where it matters.

Collaborative backlog management
Continuous insights
Data-driven recommendations
Football field

Digital Marketing Strategy

Strategy for the long game.

Successful online marketing programs start with a game plan that snags the short-term wins and sets hungry eyes on mid- to long-term goals. That’s how we play this game, and we’re not afraid to call an audible if we see something that looks better.

Competitive research
KPI analysis
Marketing audits and reviews
Target audience development
User personas
Channel evaluations
90-day plans and strategic roadmaps
Program prioritization
Fast-moving freeway

Inbound Marketing

Drive a steady stream of high-quality traffic.

We often hear, “My website traffic is down, how can I fix it?” After identifying your strategy, our experienced team will work with you to create and optimize the right mix of inbound marketing programs to bring a steady flow of traffic back to your website. 

Data analysis
Inbound marketing
Search engine marketing
Online advertising
Email marketing
Lead nurturing
Ecommerce marketing (B2B / B2C)

Conversion Optimization

We use data to get you real results.

More sales and lead generation is the cornerstone of any digital marketing plan. A healthy funnel that converts without friction is the result of constant experimentation and refinement. We use a data-driven approach to course correct and get better results, faster, for our clients.

Data analysis
A/B testing
Website optimization
UX/UI design
User testing
Content optimization

Branding + Messaging Optimization

Clear definition of who you are, and why you're here.

Simply talking about yourself and your products is not enough to differentiate your business in the competitive landscape. We bring branding, messaging and positioning leadership to help craft an effective messaging strategy that gets to the compelling “why” and resonates with your customers.

User research
Competitive analysis
Content optimization
Brand positioning
Message development

A package custom-fit for you


Basic digital marketing services for those who need outside expertise and a little help with marketing initiatives on a regular basis.

  • Assigned marketing expert
  • Covers 1-2 channels
  • Monthly analysis


For those looking to notch things up a level, who don’t have the expertise or internal resources to get enough traction.

  • Led by Marketing Director
  • 1-2 person team of marketing experts 
  • Covers 2-4 marketing channels
  • Strategic planning and analysis
  • Growth accelerator program


An all-in, all-star approach to cover complete omni-channel strategy, leadership, and tactical execution.

  • Led by Marketing Director
  • Full team access
  • Catalyst team (innovation management)
  • Omni-channel marketing
  • Strategic planning
  • Deep-dive analysis
  • Growth accelerator program
Ignite your growth with our digital marketing
Regardless of your business, or the marketing problems you're wrangling, we're the smart partner for your growth. Doesn't matter if you're B2C or B2B, a retailer or wholesaler, a manufacturer or a reseller. Digital marketing is at our core. In a hyper-connected world, we connect the dots to help you grow.