Moving to the cloud is about more than just spinning up a few servers. It requires a team of experts that can partner with you to complement, or even create, infrastructure that is high performing, reliable, secure, and meets your compliance needs. We help you reduce your total cost of ownership, by leveraging the elastic nature of cloud resources. Reduce downtime and outages by creating resilient solutions that can withstand component failures. All with the proven power of Amazon Web Services' (AWS) deep feature set.

Acumium has the expertise and knowledge with AWS to help your business grow and succeed.

Delivering on AWS.

More than just the cloud.

Compliance and security

  • Threat detection and continuous monitoring to protect workloads, accounts and your business.
  • Experience and advanced knowledge to deploy and meet compliance requirements.
  • Forensic retention and analysis.

Better performance

  • Infrastructure agility. Add and remove resources quickly to meet requirements.
  • Scale quickly with application demand.
  • Deliver content quickly from anywhere on the planet with edge locations.

Reliability and availability

  • Built to withstand failure by creating decoupled application architectures.
  • Create resiliency by limiting and removing single points of failure.
  • Leverage DevOps to automate infrastructure deployments.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Keep your business running under the most demanding circumstances.

Let’s talk about how we can help you take advantage of the many benefits of cloud presence to improve availability, performance, and security all while saving money. Leveraging AWS services, we make sure your applications stay secure and deliver a blazing fast application to your end users.

Check out a few companies using our custom SaaS infrastructure to maintain their e-commerce platform. 

Customers: ProClip USAEmergency Medical Products and Tandy Leather Factory