These days, experience is brand. Well-designed websites and apps let people get in, get something done, and get out as quickly and easily as possible. A good user experience goes beyond visual design, it’s built on understanding user behavior and creating a frictionless path for your customers and visitors to follow. Good UX drives leads, makes complex transactions easy, and increases user loyalty to your brand.

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Your brand is your business. When we design, we look to highlight your brand values and principles, so users have a cohesive experience online.

UI + visual design

To ensure our customers are happy with the look and feel we provide things like design sketches, wireframes, prototypes and comps so you can see your design brought to life.

Usability testing

Prior to launch, our teams conduct a variety of tests to diagnose issues that could potentially stand in the way of a great customer experience on your live site. Tree testing, first-click testing, heat, click and scroll mapping ensures everything is running as it should.

User research

We review persona development, customer journey mapping, card sorting, competitive benchmarking and conduct user interviews to ensure your site design delivers exactly what your users want.

UX design

Beautiful sites also need to function. That’s why our user experience professionals focus on three things: usability, customer satisfaction and goal completions. We meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

CX + UX strategy

Pairing the customer experience with the user experience can have huge impacts on your business. We evaluate available opportunities and craft a unique strategy to increase leads and revenue.

The UX team at Acumium developed a deep understanding of our users' complex needs and helped us build a product both we and our customers really like.

Scott Fulton , CultureTrax

We're the UX agency you need.

UX Design Process

Prototyping & Refining

From the wireframe review, we’ll get working on the new build of your website, ensuring your feedback has been implemented into the design. Comps will be created, and you’ll start to see your user experience design come to life.

UX Design Process

Research & Wireframing

Our team of UX designers will analyze your business and its customers to better understand who is using your site. Through our user testing, click map data, scroll map insights and more, we’ll leverage your customers’ behavior for a better user experience that will improve website conversions. Using our research findings, we’ll sketch wireframes of your new user experience across all devices: desktop, mobile and tablet, and review with you to ensure this new design works for your business.

UX Design Process

User Testing & Site Launch

As we get closer to your launch date, your site will be finalized and tested for quality assurance. Multiple users will review the site, it’s fit and finish and your goals and recommend improvements for peak performance. Post-launch, we’ll track user interactions and refine the experience further based on behavior.