A custom software application to allow WSMA to take its Solo & Ensemble festivals from on-prem to online.


Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA)

The back story

The Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA), in a pivot necessitated by COVID-19 limitations, identified a need to create a digital platform for their Solo & Ensemble Festivals. They envisioned a cloud-based "virtual festival" that would allow teachers, adjudicators, and students to register, submit, and evaluate the approximately 55,000 performances received each year in a new and nimble way. While it would start as a temporary replacement for the traditional in-person experience of WSMA's 180 district and state festivals, the WSMA team plans for it to grow and become an ongoing complement to the in-person festivals long-term.

Services we've provided

About Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA)

WSMA is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to ensure all students have opportunities which encourage a lifelong involvement in music. They provide statewide music programming activities, offer leadership and support for school music programs, and advance music as an integral part of school curriculum and community life.

Every year, WSMA hosts Solo & Ensemble festival programs for over 100,000 students, representing every county in Wisconsin. Through their participation in Solo & Ensemble, students learn the discipline of rehearsal, are challenged to advance their musical skills, and receive feedback on their performance from an adjudicator.

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In seven weeks, Acumium helped us bring our vision to a fully-functioning reality. [They were] highly responsive to our needs, both in service and outcome of the solution developed. We look forward to growing this software into an all-encompassing festival management and participant app.

Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA)