When site performance became a problem, The Douglas Stewart Company turned to our teams of experts for solutions.


The Douglas Stewart Company

The back story 

After launching a new Magento 2 site through a different company, the Douglas Stewart team noticed poor site performance and features and functionality that were missing. In order to optimize site speed they turned to our Acumium teams to quickly step in and increase performance so they could get back to business as usual. Today, we provide system analysis, technical consulting, and support for their Magento 2 site and integrations.

Services we've provided

About The Douglas Stewart Company

The Douglas Stewart Company is the leading distributor and marketer of computer products, consumer electronics, and school supplies exclusively serving the education market.

Visit www.dstewart.com 

We've done some great work together.


Google Analytics Setup + Tracking

Ensuring best practices and proper data tracking.

To follow best practices, we evaluated Douglas Stewart’s Google Analytics setup to ensure their web properties were using the right code and that web tracking was working correctly. We made recommendations to set them up for success in gathering powerful data insights for future success.   


Magento Development Support

Continuing to improve the website experience.

Douglas Stewart needed to gain traction on post-website launch development issues and continue to improve the customer experience of their new website. We've partnered with DSC to continuously work through a prioritized list that includes investigation, design, development, quality assurance testing, and deployment.


Site Performance Optimization

Remediation of site speed and performance issues.

In order to overcome the site speed issues, we conducted load tests, enabled compression, established benchmarks, and properly configured web servers and load balancing.  Today, we still work with The Douglas Stewart Company's technical team on ongoing improvements.