Wanting to improve their clients' digital experience, Celerity Staffing looked to Acumium to provide an easy-to-use client dashboard application to enable better data sharing and clearer communication. 

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Celerity Staffing

The back story

Celerity Staffing is committed to being the best staffing agency in Wisconsin. They are always thinking of new ways to deliver value to their clients. In some of our first conversations with Celerity, they shared several project ideas they wanted to pursue towards improving the digital experience for their clients. We started with the planning, design, and development of a client dashboard that would provide an important (and immediate) value-add for their staffing clients.

Services we've provided

About Celerity Staffing Solutions

Celerity Staffing Solutions is a premier staffing firm focused on connecting clerical, light industrial, and professional job seekers with various employers around Wisconsin.

Visit www.celeritystaffing.com 

We've done some great work together.


Application Design and Development

A centralized dashboard for better communication

Celerity Staffing needed a client dashboard that would provide clear data about workers currently placed with a client and allow discovery and screening of candidates available for placement. It also needed to be a simple and centralized way for client contacts and the Celerity team to easily communicate.

Acumium worked closely with the Celerity Staffing team to plan, design, develop, and launch their client dashboard application and seamlessly integrate it with a third-party recruiting and staffing software they use.