Testing software takes a unique set of skills. Successful quality assurance teams understand software testing methodologies, but also bring patience, attention to detail, and the need to try to break things to every project. At Acumium, we back our skills with education and certification. Each QA team member is certified by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board® (ISTQB), meaning you can be confident in our software testing. 


QA testing that works

We've worked with some pretty great brands.

Duluth Trading Company
ProClip USA
Schwinn Bicycles
First Business Bank
Fristam Pumps
Klein-Dickert Glass
My Life & Wishes
Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA)

Full service software testing


At Acumium, security testing holds equal weight to product delivery. Because both the software and hacking methods are constantly evolving, it is imperative to perform continuous security checkpoints throughout the lifetime of a production. No release goes out without consideration for security implications


The quality assurance team is involved early in the lifetime of each project. This gives them the more complete picture and allows them to understand the complex application workflows and get into the user mindset. High level test plans can be created early on adding maximum value to your project. 

Testing styles

Quality assurance testing is more than making sure buttons and links work. Automation can be leveraged to satisfy basic functional tests so more focus can be put on edge-case or black-box testing that is not necessarily well-suited for scripting. 

Mobile testing

Recent statistics show that more than 50% of web traffic now comes from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Understanding your target audience and being able to perform relevant device testing is crucial to ensuring your customers can access your content.  


Speed and performance are enormous contributors to user experience. Using a variety of commercial and proprietary tools to measure and track the performance metrics enables the quick identification and resolution of anomalies that directly affect customer bounce rates. 

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Recognized as a qualifications standard

More about ISTQB certification

We chose the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) as our education benchmark because the certifications are applicable against a variety of development practices, it's widely recognized as a qualifications standard, and they continue to develop and evolve software testing practices. Board certification proves competence and knowledge in common techniques, standards and philosophies. It ensures our QA staff can provide effective, efficient and quality testing within any framework, maintaining our high standard for providing customer value. 


As a full service agency

What else can we do?

As a full-service agency, our offerings include custom development, user experience, digital marketing, and information technology. This keeps our QA team sharp; there is no "one-size fits all" testing plan. We're constantly adapting, creating, and tuning our approach to minimize bugs and defects, and ensure the best possible product gets delivered on time and on budget. This flexibility also allows us to support client teams who don't have their own QA process, or are working with tight deadlines. We can come in at any stage of a project and provide strategic and operational QA to get you across the finish line with a high-quality product.