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The first step in cross-browser testing is to review any potential display issues across different browsers and screen resolutions. Our internal team will conduct a screenshot survey of several sample pages on your site to evaluate their performance.

Functional web testing

Once we’ve reviewed your sample pages, we’ll test all forms and interactive media on your site to ensure things like videos, social media feeds and form completions are all displaying and working properly.

Browser compatibility testing

The testing of basic site functionality is next. Does scrolling and site navigation work properly across all browsers? Our QA team will ensure that your site is optimized, so you provide the best user experience possible to your visitors on whatever browser they are using.

Reporting & troubleshooting

As we review your site, we’ll keep track of any issues we come across and generate a report for your team to view. We’ll include details about the issues we found and where they are on-site. We can even provide a video of the bug so that your team can better see what’s going on. With your approval, our development team can collaborate with you to create an improved site experience.

— Cross Browser Testing for a quality website that drives leads.

Why Choose Cross Browser Testing?

Expert blindness is a real thing.

After working on your website for months, your internal team members and developers can develop expert blindness. This subconscious effect causes users to overlook issues that have existed for an extended time. You can prevent this by introducing new team members to the QA process before launch. Our team will test links, forms, navigation, layout, and so much more across devices and browsers so that you can feel confident you are launching a site that is accessible by everyone.

Will Cross Browser Testing Affect My Launch Timing?

Maybe. But wouldn’t you rather have results now instead of after site launch?

Cross-browser testing can be a time-consuming effort for any team. To have it done efficiently and effectively requires a team with the experience and toolset that can expedite the testing and focus on features that are known to be browser and device-specific problem areas. We do this testing regularly for our own development team and can provide meaningful and useful feedback quickly so there’s time to make the necessary fixes before launch.

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