A good user experience can happen by luck. A great user experience requires understanding your users. What motivates them? What are their critical workflows? What are their pain points? That’s where research comes in. 

We use qualitative and quantitative methods (e.g. contextual inquiry, persona development, customer journey mapping, and card sorting, to name a few) to find out what your customers actually want. Our UX researchers have worked with top consumer, ecommerce, and service brands to identify and create UX solutions that are grounded in evidence, not luck. 

Some research methods we use

Customer Journey Mapping

Starting with lots of post-it notes and whiteboards, we visualize your customer's experience with your brand through one of the best storytelling tools available.

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Field Studies + User Interviews

We gain valuable insights by observing, in real-world, "on the job" situations, how people use and react to a website or software application. 

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Research Surveys

We support or challenge existing hypotheses with quantitative and qualitative questioning to learn more about your users and what they want to accomplish. 

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Card Sorting

We break down organizational assumptions and determine optimal organization of content in a way that makes the most sense to your target audiences.

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Competitive Benchmarking

We reveal differentiation opportunities and get valuable insights into how effectively key competitors are addressing user needs.

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Cognitive Walkthroughs

We assess how effectively users can achieve key goals and audit effective use of UX/UI best practices and patterns.

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We're passionate about understanding users

Over 30 years combined experience

Years of Industry Experience

Why choose Acumium as your user research partner?

We offer a dedication to end-to-end user experience and user research that you simply won’t get with many agencies. This isn’t our side gig; it’s what we do every day. We love making digital more delightful, and we’re passionate about using hands-on and professional UX and usability research to help that happen.  

Our team brings over 30 years of combined industry experience in user experience, design, development, research, and testing. We take a pragmatic and budget-conscious approach, pulling together a custom-fit research plan using the tools we think will provide you the most benefit. 

Custom tailored solutions

Our Research Methods

Custom-crafted research plans to fit your business goals.

What kind of research do we do? It might be easier to list what we don't do. In short, we find and use the right methods. Each project is different, so we your unique goals, what you’re wanting to learn and understand, and design a custom-fitted set of research and testing tools that will get you there. That said, there are some favorites we seem to pull out a lot. Interested in more info on any of these? We’re always happy to talk. 

Customer journey mapping
Cognitive walkthroughs
Competitive benchmarking
Card sorting & tree testing
Field studies & contextual inquiry
User interviews
Research surveys

What are you working on?

Redesigning a website or application

When you’re looking to update your website or application, whether it’s a full site redesign or revamping a specific section, we recommend the following research to facilitate design and development:

  • Google Analytics analysis
  • User interviews
  • Card sorting and/or tree testing
  • Usability or first-click testing

Building a new website or app from scratch

When you're building a site or software application from the ground up, the following methods are a great start to get you on the right path:

  • High-level Google analytics analysis
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Field studies and/or user interviews
  • Research surveys

Bringing a new product to market

When you are bringing a brand new product to market, filling a void, or looking to disrupt or revolutionize an established industry, these user research techniques can help make a successful final product.

  • Competitive/market research
  • Field studies and user interviews
  • Research surveys
  • Card sorting and/or tree testing
  • Usability testing
What do you wish you knew about your users?
Let us put our comprehensive research toolbox to work for you