A website redesign for a modern and streamlined customer experience.


— Lovett Design

The back story

Lovett Design initially contacted our team in search of a more modern and streamlined website experience that would highlight the depth of their capabilities and showcase their most exciting work. They wanted this redesign to accelerate their business growth through strategic digital marketing to increase website traffic and leads.

Services we've provided

About Lovett Design

The artists and designers at Lovett Design blend their creative and technical expertise to create engaging illustrations, animation, video, and technical writing to be used in variety of materials for marketing, training, manuals, and product documentation.

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Our website and digital marketing was a mess and we felt at a loss on how to fix it. We tried different individual services that ended up providing cookie cutter solutions that wasted money. It was all very frustrating until we teamed up with Acumium. Their structured approach provided direction and focus. They developed our website and implemented a digital marketing program that has improved our business and brand recognition.

Gerry Lovett , Lovett Design