How we got started

In 2015, Fair Indigo sought out Acumium to take over their Magento website maintenance and development.  To make the transition easy for Fair Indigo, Acumium lead them through an on-boarding process that included a deep dive into the business and its quirks so that we could address core issues and get things moving in the right direction. Soon after, Acumium started managing Fair Indigo’s paid search to help them grow revenues from this marketing channel.

Services include

About Fair Indigo

Fair Indigo is an online retailer that sells high-quality, sustainable and fair trade clothing, accessories and gifts. Founded in 2006, their “Style with a Conscience” core values aim to change the apparel industry for the better.



Acumium quickly ramped up their Magento knowledge to efficiently design and implement ecommerce website updates to meet our needs. 

Robert Behnke, Fair Indigo

Key accomplishments

+179% PPC revenue

Increased total PPC revenue by 179% after six months of Acumium managing their paid search (compared YOY).

+271% peak holiday revenue

Increased peak holiday season Last Click PPC revenue by 271% from 2015 to 2016.

3X mobile revenue

Revenue from mobile sessions tripled YOY from Feb-Dec 2015 to 2016.