With a short turnaround, we completed a seamless web redesign so AIQ could position themselves effectively with investors.

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— AIQ Solutions

The back story

AIQ Solutions partnered with our team of experts to redesign their company website. They came to us with a tight timeline so our teams quickly jumped on board to make sure we were able to meet their needs and provide an outstanding experience.

Services we've provided

About AIQ Solutions

AIQ Solutions, a Wisconsin-based software startup, has produced a clinical decision support platform using patented technology based on advanced analytics, including artificial intelligence, to revolutionize evaluation of treatment response in patients with complex diseases such as cancer. 

AIQ Solutions was incorporated in 2015 after being born out of the University of Wisconsin Translational Imaging Research Program starting in 2009. The company is poised for rapid growth with a strong leadership team, one product fully commercialized, and a strong pipeline of new products at varying stages of development.

Visit www.aiq-solutions.com