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Hi, I’m Jason Sajdak, Director of IT at Acumium. My goal is to provide quality IT solutions, strategies, and support for Acumium and our customers.

BA: Before Acumium

Before Acumium? I was doing freelance IT consulting and administration. I joined the team in 2003 as Acumium’s very first employee- fun fact! During my 16 years here, I have worked on a variety of IT projects, including customer consultation on government and industry compliance regulations like HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and other international government requirements we well as managing multinational application deployment in the EU, Australia, and US I also created a custom e-commerce SaaS infrastructure in partnership with Acumium DevOps to support a highly scalable, redundant, and performant core for Acumium’s GravityMarket e-commerce solution.

A passion project… 

Being a part of our client Duluth Trading’s growth was very cool. As a key partner, Acumium contributed heavily to their success in moving from a 95% mail-in catalog, to a multi-million dollar online e-commerce presence. Our IT team was integral in deploying, managing and maintaining dozens of servers across multiple data centers to support the multi-tiered, decentralized web application. 

A few of my favorite things… 

With the kids grown and (almost) out of the house, my wife and I enjoy spending time outdoors, gardening, and hanging around the fire-pit in the backyard. If I’m not doing one of those things you’ll probably find me reading a good fiction novel. 

The IT ethos…

It has to work. We understand that whatever problem you are trying to solve, it has to work and allow you and your team to function. Whether that’s looking to avoid unexpected IT problems, adopt sound cloud migration practices, or plan for business continuity, our team focuses on your needs and has the deep technical and cloud expertise to create a lasting, functional solution that you can rely on with the support to back it up. 

Our work…

Acumium’s IT prowess…

We not only offer several IT services here at Acumium, but we also bring our expertise to your business. All IT shops say they can support servers, workstations, and networking, but our expertise in effective cloud strategies takes this to another level. We’ve seen things go well and we’ve seen some unfortunate mishaps, but every experience is an opportunity for our team to advance someone’s technology solutions. From IT managed services, to cloud computing services, to Virtual CTO/CIO, we can do what you don’t want to. You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t looking for some help, let us make things faster, better, and easier for you.

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