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— Tailored IT services that address your business needs

Desktops + Computers

  • Onsite and remote assistance
  • Pre-scheduled preventative maintenance visits
  • Antivirus monitoring and updates
  • Patch management
  • Asset management and inventory
  • Online and phone support ticket system
  • Warranty management
  • Hardware ordering and installation
  • Vendor and provider collaboration

Servers + Security

  • Server patch management
  • Data backup management
  • Authentication and auditing
  • New hardware ordering and installation
  • Cloud migration for server and software workloads
  • Onsite and remote management
  • 24x7 monitoring
  • System upgrades
  • Windows and Linux based OS


  • Firewalls
  • Wifi installation and maintenance
  • Network security and isolation
  • Network design and implementation
  • Extend IT into the cloud

— You can count on our tech experience

— Why entrust Acumium with your IT?

We level up your IT capabilities

When you hire Acumium, you hire a team of certified, experienced IT professionals who stay up to date with the latest tech and will help your existing IT grow its knowledge. 

We save you money

Outsourcing IT eliminates the fixed costs of having a full-time employee. We also know how to cost-effectively manage and implement technology that gets you more for your money.

We keep you current

We get (and keep) your IT assets under control. We keep licenses up to date, take inventory of all your hardware, and track your warranties.

We don't just manage IT, we make it better

Once we get your IT systems in a good place, we outline forward-thinking solutions to help get your business ahead. 

We keep your staff more productive

The cost of downtime is expensive. We build and maintain systems you can depend on, so your staff can get more work done.

We genuinely care about our clients

One of our values is "giving a shit." We mean it. We care about our work and our clients, and we often go above and beyond the contract.

Let's get your IT on track