Life Science businesses face unique digital challenges as they grow. Highly technical products, complex workflows and processes, lots of data to analyze, share, and protect; all of this requires strong support from useful technology. Acumium is a leader in digital solutions for life science. Our team has years of direct industry experience and specializes in solving technology challenges for businesses across life science, biotech, and medtech. We can help you identify and implement powerful software and IT solutions so you can stay focused on your science and achieve your goals.

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Our proven approach to taming digital complexity


When planning impactful technology, we always start with discovery. Our experienced strategic team collaborates with you to learn about your business goals and challenges, as well as those of your customers. Once we've got a strong foundation of shared information and cross-team alignment, we're ready to move ahead.

Strategy & roadmapping

Before we do any detailed planning or implementation, we strategize the best roadmap for your project. What functionality do you need, and when? We plan the milestones that will get you the best solution as quickly and economically as possible.


Our skilled development team builds out your approved designs, backed by the best platform and technical design for your needs. We create lasting digital solutions that work on the devices your customers use, whether that's desktop, mobile, iOS, or Android. 


Before launch, your custom app will be tested by our Q/A team. Once they’ve given the go-ahead, we’ll launch the app and submit it to app stores so customers can easily find and download the application.

This is the best software development team I have worked with in my 40 year career.

Scott Fulton , CultureTrax

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In-house industry expertise

A team with years of life science experience

We have experienced scientists and digital solutions professionals with decades of direct life science experience ready to help translate your business goals into reality. Our team of creative technologists understands the unique challenges and considerations within life science, biotech, and medtech, and can guide you through the development of technology solutions that fit your needs. 

Digital transformation and growth

Optimized technology solutions for life science are within your reach.

How do you want to grow your life science, biotech, or medtech business? Do you need to:

  • Create great customer experiences that differentiate your business,
  • Guard your intellectual property and protect sensitive data,
  • Integrate and streamline your processes to remove bottlenecks,
  • Aggregate important data to impact decision making, or
  • Invigorate your brand and engage new audiences?

Our team is ready to apply our expertise and years of experience in the life sciences to help you reach your goals. Optimized technology solutions that support and accelerate your science are more achievable than you might imagine.