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Your Google Analytics may stop tracking next year unless you take action now. Make sure you're prepared!

If you have a website, you're probably using Google Analytics (GA). Unless you've implemented GA recently, it's likely you're using Universal Analytics.

Google recently confirmed they are sunsetting Universal Analytics (UA) and Universal Analytics 360 products and replacing them with Google Analytics 4 (GA4). This change is slated to occur in July 2023. If you have not migrated your site to use GA4 by that time, your analytics tracking will come to a full stop and you will eventually lose access to historical data.

High quality analytical data and strong data tracking are the bedrock of your powerful marketing plan. The new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) elevates your data analytics power, providing you with insight into every step of your customer’s journey and improved business analytics and marketing metrics so you can have greater impact.

Migrate to GA4 with the help of our expert team. Creating a plan now will minimize interruption to your analytical data and maximize the value of new GA4 capabilities to your business.

GA4 helps you gain even better digital insights

If you liked Universal Analytics, you're going to love GA4. Here are just a few benefits GA4 will offer your business.

  • See the full customer journey and discover what customers who convert from your ads do next on your website. 
  • Learn what content is driving real results. Identify what aspects of your website have the most impact.
  • Observe what is driving traffic and pinpoint how customers are finding your site.
  • Get the bigger demographic picture. Identify, with greater precision, what your audience looks like.

Learn more about migrating to GA4

Don't wait to plan for this change. Analytics and a strong data foundation are business critical. If you need any level of assistance with this migration, from consulting to full implementation, we’re a Google Partner with strong knowledge of both UA and GA4, and we’ll be happy to help.

It starts with a simple, no-risk conversation.

Let's start creating your GA4 migration plan today.