WiCell Case Study - hero.png

The back story

WiCell is a global leader in cell banking, characterization testing, and the distribution of human pluripotent stem cell lines to the world of life science research and product development.  

The problem

WiCell was concerned about an out-of-date, paper-based system that customers used to request their cell characterization testing service. Customers were required to print and complete a PDF form for each sample and submit it via email to WiCell. Because they were often requesting the service for several samples, this system was inefficient and time consuming for customers.  

The request

WiCell asked Acumium to create a digital solution for characterization test requests that integrated with their internal system for tracking and billing projects.

In this case study, we share how WiCell improved their customers’ experience by modernizing a critical process for requesting service. This was a bold strategic step in digitizing and connecting their processes and creating efficiency for their business.

Download the WiCell case study

Acumium provided us the tools to deliver a ‘delightful customer experience’, while at the same time creating efficiencies that will speed data collection in the lab and compress our time to payment. Acumium has been an effective partner and we look forward to building on the systems we’ve created with them.

Anjelica Klade , WiCell Research Institute