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Data Protection and Availability 

Every business has data that needs to remain protected while sharing across teams and locations. If your company is unsure how to keep that data secure, you risk exposures and breaches of data. Understanding and protecting data at all layers takes experience. Avoid security disruptions and maintain customer trust with Acumium’s integrative approach to protecting your company.  

Data Privacy and Compliance

GDPR, CCPA, HITECH, the list goes on. Data privacy laws are complicated and constantly changing. Keeping up on the many data protection and retention requirements can be an expensive endeavor. Acumium designs solutions that achieve data security, sovereignty, and right-to-be-forgotten requirements that are a part of today's regulations. 

Integrative Approach to Security 

Acumium’s development team implements data integrity theories into application discovery and planning phases, tests protections routinely, and monitors applications for anomalies. Our entire team is dedicated to protecting your business, from day to night. 

Overwhelmed? Count on us to keep your business and intellectual property protected.