In today’s e-commerce marketplace, a comprehensive digital marketing strategy can set your brand apart and drive revenue for your business. With different channels and tactics, marketing teams have a lot to choose from, but selecting the right ones to grow your business will be crucial in establishing success and driving leads. Here are some of our digital marketing team’s favorite tactics to addresses e-commerce dips and target customers for increased return on investment.

SEO for the Long Run

The number one thing almost all clients want from search engine optimization is to improve their rank on Google and Bing. While this is a common goal, many factors go into improving search rankings that most clients aren’t familiar with. To boost keyword rankings and drive e-commerce sales, brands should understand that there are multiple facets of your website to review before you’ll start seeing ideal results. Here are just a few that we recommend focusing on:

  • Site functionality and Information Architecture (IA): How do customers use your site and what are they searching for? We review client site metrics and conduct industry research to get a better understanding of how customers are engaging with the site and to leverage keywords in on-page content and blogs. Once we know how customers find your website, we make recommendations, which include updates to the navigation, so customers can easily find the product they’re looking for, quickly. This will improve user experience, as well as accuracy and relevancy in search results.
  • On-page content: From your page headlines to your product descriptions, what’s on-page in terms of content, matters. After diving into important keywords that relate to your business and industry, we’ll recommend updates to your content and pages, which can greatly improve the quality of your content, and in turn, your search position on Google and Bing for the most relevant keywords.
  • Links: Building a strong linking strategy can have huge payoffs for brands. What does a linking strategy entail? Interlinking between various pages on your website will improve your authority and presence on Google. In addition, linking to reputable websites (and getting them to link to you) will also help your ranking as it’s proving to Google you have relevant, trustworthy on-page content within your industry.

PPC Strategies to Drive Immediate Results

Pay-Per-Click campaigns can quickly drive revenue for your business. With paid search, your brand will be displayed as a top result in relevant searches. As your customers research products, being seen in the top results will aid in driving people to your website to shop. In addition to rank, PPC campaigns allow for additional links and content to be displayed versus organic search results. With this additional information, customers can more easily visit your site, gain information and shop products more readily.

With PPC, we’ve helped grow clients from a few thousand dollars in revenue to hundreds of thousands of dollars with return on ad spend averaging around 700%. We optimize your PPC campaigns based on your business to get you the best return possible.

Retargeting Campaigns that Make a Lasting Impression

Once people leave your site, don’t be forgotten. With retargeting ads, you can promote your products and brand wherever the user visits next, both on the Web and Facebook. Remarketing allows you to target visitors based on their behavior on your site, therefore optimizing your ad placements to be seen by those who may be most likely to purchase. With retargeting campaigns, you’re keeping your brand top of mind as customers continue their research against the competition.

We take a highly targeted approach with our remarketing strategies, displaying ads to people who have viewed multiple pages of your site. Through this strategy, we can stretch a few hundred dollars into thousands of dollars of revenue for our clients because of the users’ likelihood to purchase. Converting customers for your brand is our main objective. With retargeting, we’ll have the opportunity to display different formats for the ads, including static, native and HTML5. Pushing out different types of ads, along with several different ad copy and creatives will prove what message converts your retargeting audience the best and how to better optimize future campaigns.

Email Marketing Strategies to Gain Contacts and Target Customers

Email marketing is another great way to target potential purchasers and current customers to generate sales. Things like cart abandonment campaigns, targeted automations based on customer behavior and purchase data can encourage engagement and drive additional sales for your brand. With email marketing campaigns, having a bountiful contact list to leverage is extremely helpful. Email signups can help add contacts to your list and creating a strategy to add more contacts is always a good idea.

For our email marketing clients, reviewing customer data to understand the buying cycle and purchasing behavior is something we like to look into right off the bat. We can then formulate a strategy for automated campaigns that will optimize touch-points with customers and encourage sales when the customer is most likely to purchase. Automated thank you campaigns that include future discount codes, refer a friend campaigns, or anniversary emails can all generate additional revenue.

Social Media Advertising that Reaches New Audiences

Social media can be a great way to showcase your brand and build awareness across new audiences. There are approximately 3.2 billion social media users today, which makes it an attractive place to market your products and brand. With more effective ad formats, you can customize your social ad strategy based on your goals, whether that’s growing brand awareness, collecting user information through forms or selling products.

Social media advertising can be a huge win, but it can also eat a lot of your budget if you’re not focused on targeting your customer base. With our e-commerce customers, we believe in targeting their core demographics for an increased return on investment. We also like testing different ad formats, from a single-image ad to a carousel ad featuring multiple products, for peak performance.

Determining success, whether it be on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or somewhere else, will be different for every client. Implementing a number of campaigns to test on social, such as seasonal products, bestsellers, or geo-targeted ads, can help avoid user fatigue and determine what works best. In doing this, we’ve seen results skyrocket for clients who had trouble growing sales through this channel in the past.

Digital marketing can have huge benefits for your business when strategically executed. Be sure to partner with an experienced team that will act as an extension of your brand by analyzing data, target demographics and building a comprehensive approach that matches your business goals. Ignite your growth with our digital marketing team. Give us a call today to begin.