Despite higher competitiveness for top search rankings, organic traffic is still providing as much value as ever for websites who know how to get found. According to this blog post by Moz, organic results are generating, on average, 8.5 times as many clicks as paid results are for any given keyword. In fact, organic search alone is commanding more impact on traffic than paid search, social media, display ads, email, and referral traffic combined, as per this report by eminentSEO.

The problem is that there are more than 200 ranking factors that Google uses to determine who the organic search winners and losers are, and nobody can be the best at them all. However, if you’re looking for the most bang for your organic search optimization buck, then you’re going to want to look in the direction of backlink building. Not all ranking factors are created equal, and backlinks are the most influential factor. Their impact on Google’s decision matrix is anywhere from 18-23% — depending on who you ask.

Yes, building backlinks is the long game of SEO and is highly dependent on the quality of content you’re putting out. However, there are some clever strategies which can significantly reduce the time spent making progress on backlink building, while quickly increasing their impact.

Backlink Building Tips

If you’re looking for tips on how to build backlinks and don’t know where to start, look no further:

  1.  Create a Google+ Account
    Let’s start simple. This one is great because you have complete control over the whole process from start to finish. If you have a business with a blog, you should always post that blog on your business Google+ page, and be sure to include interlinks to other pages on your website within said post. Google treats most of its products as more authoritative than the average blog despite giving them nofollow links, which can still be very valuable. This is why you should also…
  2.  Have a YouTube Channel
    If you’re posting videos on YouTube, then you can post links to relevant pages on your website within the description section of each video. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google itself and can be used as an easy way to generate backlinks from your own company controlled platforms, as well as make it easy to find your products if the videos generate interest. This method can also apply to any posts you make on LinkedIn, etc.
  3.  Content Updates
    Find outdated content and offer its creators your edits or fixes in exchange for being cited as the source of said new content. This provides value for them as well, because you’re giving them more accurate content. An easy way to do this is to find blogs in your niche and sort their blog posts from oldest to newest, keeping an eye out for data or facts that have since changed. Once you find some, shoot them an email alerting them to it and offering yourself as a solution, you won’t always get a response, but volume here is easy to come by.
  4.  Replacement
    Comparable to the above, but in this case it is not their onsite information that’s outdated, just the links to their sources. Broken links happen all the time and can be used to your advantage. Simply search for websites related to yours that have changed names or rebranded. Search “rebrand as” in Google news and you’ll get a good list of recent changes to work from. Next, find the sites that have linked to them, using a free tool like OpenLinkProfiler, and get in contact to offer up similar content in order to have them link to you instead. This will take some work, so don’t waste time contacting low authority sites. An easy way to tell if the website has authority or not is with the MozBar Chrome plugin.
  5.  College Bound
    This is my personal favorite because of how highly Google rates backlinks from .edu pages. If your company funds any type of scholarship, you can often convince college or high school websites to link to you by adding your scholarship description to their directory of scholarships listing page. As you can imagine, there are quite a few high schools and colleges you can repeat this process with. Likewise, if your company has done any interesting research or published white papers that could be considered relevant to any college majors or areas of focus, you can often get a link within their academic resources page as well.
  6.  Testimonials
    Use a product for your business operations that you legitimately love? Reach out to the maker of said product and offer to give a testimonial about how it worked for you. If they post your testimonial to their website, they will usually link to you to prove you are a real person. These should be carefully done to remain relevant, don’t offer a product review for your office coffee maker. Rather, if you’re a digital marketing service, writing a blog post about how you use a certain digital marking tool for a product review can serve both content creation and backlink generating purposes.
  7.  Refer to Me
    If your brand is big enough, you’re probably mentioned occasionally around the web. You can use a tool like Buzzsumo or Mention to find out when someone has said something about your brand. Once you find a brand mention where they have failed to link to your site, reach out and suggest they link to you. Often you’ll get ignored, but a few good mention links in popular places can boost both traffic and backlink profile.
  8.  Spread the Wealth
    A few more easy small fry here. Be sure to submit your site to blog aggregators because, although they don’t pass much link juice, there are quite a few website feedback forums you can post to. A blog aggregator site like Alltop can give you as many links as you have blog posts.
  9.  Academia.edu
    Academia.edu — note the .edu URL! — is a social networking/file sharing site for academic papers and other research. You can upload white papers, case studies, or other research your company has done with links embedded in them. Similarly, if your company has created an E-book, you can submit it to get an easy link in the E-Book description.

Digital Marketing Strategies: Acumium

While there are hundreds more, these are just a few of the easy and effective backlink tactics that can be used to boost your website’s backlink profile. If you are looking for more comprehensive digital marketing strategy planning help, check out Acumium for Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, or Pay-Per-Click Management solutions.