Don’t cut corners when it comes to WordPress hosting. Inexpensive hosting options exist, but they can't support your business or monitor your performance the way we can. Our WordPress experts will focus on bettering your brand, which means decreased downtime, improved security, faster speeds and more conversions. 

Elevated WordPress Hosting for

Expert WordPress Hosting and cloud services

Development & Staging

Test new plugins and themes on staging! Don’t break the site with an update, rather make sure everything is running smoothly on staging before hitting production. Use the environment "swap" feature to promote a staging site into production, or copy production down to have a current testing environment.


Looking to move? Our experts will ensure you have a secure transfer of site assets, and trouble-free cutover process. After a plugin audit, we’ll move all necessary, activated plugins, update you to the latest version of WordPress, and install security and management plugins.

Monitoring & Support

How good is your site if it's down? With round the clock monitoring, we'll make sure your site is making an impact 24/7.


Do your pages take a long time to load? Leverage our multiple caching and optimization strategies to deliver fast page-load times.


Don't get hacked. WordPress' popularity makes it an attractive target for hackers. We provide free Let’s Encrypt SSL for your site, additional security plugins to block hacking attempts and a team of WordPress experts who will monitor and alert your team if there are any changes to your site.

Version control and backups

We run daily backups of all our WordPress sites. Twice. You’ll always have a history just in case you need it.