Our strategic analysis created an actionable plan for improvement for Slipstream, formerly Seventhwave.



The back story

As Slipstream embarked on a growth strategy for their organization, they wanted to ensure their website and brand were in alignment, and that they satisfied site visitors’ goals. They needed a partner to help them identify the strengths and weaknesses of both their website and digital marketing programs in order to devise an actionable plan for improvement. 

Services we've provided

About Slipstream

Slipstream, formerly Seventhwave, is a nonprofit organization that explores energy challenges and advances economic and environmental sustainability through engineering, education and research.

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Our website needed a full-body scan, and with Acumium's thorough analysis, we now have a manageable working plan to begin improving site performance. As a key part of our team, Acumium has brought a fresh perspective to our digital marketing strategy. We look forward to implementing their recommendations to enhance our customers' experience in a measurable way.

Andrea Cherney , Slipstream

We've done some great work together.


Strategic Evaluation + Recommendations

Proving maximum impact for growth.

After a comprehensive evaluation of seventhwave.org’s usability, messaging, accessibility, SEO, conversions, content and social media practices, we provided a detailed recommendation that was prioritized to provide the maximum impact on the growth. 

After proving maximum impact for growth, we supported Slipstream by providing strategic guidance and tactical changes to their website and digital marketing programs that improved their user experience, content, search engine findability (both organic and paid), and helped them achieve their business goals.