User Experience Design (UX)

We Design Better Digital Experiences to Delight Your Customers

When your website or software application offers suboptimal UX, it directly affects the strength of your brand. Your ecommerce site may not convert visits into sales. You may not be getting enough qualified leads. Your digital marketing spend to value ratio starts turning upside down. You may get negative feedback. Worst case, your less-than-intuitive site may frustrate people so quickly they turn away, never to return. A well-designed user experience isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Let’s talk about the experience you want to build.

UX Deliverable - Style Tiles
UX Deliverable - Customer Journey Map

UX Deliverable - Customer Journey Map

UX Deliverable - Customer Journey Map

We Offer All the Services You Need in a Go-To UX Partner

Our user experience team uses a mix of human factors, user-centered design standards, customer research, and best practices to handcraft experiences that promote conversions and drive leads, make complex transactions easy, and increase user loyalty to your brand. We want your customers happy, visit after visit.

UX / CX Strategy & Consulting 
Strategic guidance to help you offer your customers an optimized, goal-centric, and delightful experience both in the ever-changing digital space and across offline channels.

User Research 
Qualitative and quantitative methods (e.g. contextual inquiry, persona development, customer journey mapping, card sorting) to find out what your customers actually want, resulting in data to drive UX optimization and website design decisions.

UX Design Services 
End-to-end, user-centered design of intuitive, compelling and effective experiences, documented via wireframes, information architecture trees, style tiles, and user stories, all ready to hand off to a development team for implementation.

Value Proposition and Messaging
Planning and development of unique value propositions and core messaging to make it super clear to your visitors what you do and why they should buy from you.

UX Writing 
Goal-oriented writing to shape online experiences through handcrafted copy that helps users complete the task at hand. Sets the tone for website or application content and drives a cohesive voice across multiple platforms and touchpoints.

User Testing 
Multi-method, flexible approach to confirm the usability and goal orientation of your solution, either before go-live or, even better, before any code is written.

UX Services Retainer 
Access to UX consulting, design, and insights on an as-needed basis to help you through a website redesign, product launch, or other initiative.

 The UX team at Acumium developed a deep understanding of our users’ complex needs and helped us build a product both we and our customers really like.
Scott Fulton, CEO
- Cellara

Our Pragmatic Approach Gets You Results Fast

Proudly located in Madison, Wisconsin, we’re a little different than some UX design agencies. We take a pragmatic approach and deliver results fast. When you work with us, you don’t get big slide decks that look pretty but say nothing. You don’t get fluff; you get results you can use. Our Midwestern work ethic doesn’t quit. No matter how complex, we’re ready to jump in and tackle your user experience problems so you can focus on growing your business.

UX Designers

We’re Smart, Fun People Who Really Care

People tell us they like us because we’re real. You won’t get “yes” from us if the answer really should be “no.” We believe in radical candor, and we work hard to move the trust needle quickly. We find the intersection of your business goals and the experience your customers want and design something simple and impactful, with major horsepower. We’re a small but mighty team of smart people with a full UX toolkit and a lot of passion, and we’re ready to help you build something awesome.

We Work With a Lot of Great Companies on a Lot of Great Projects

Duluth Trading Company
We’ve been an ongoing UX partner with Duluth for years, recently helping them out with an optimized and responsive new checkout, and a completely redesigned store locator.

Working closely with the Cellara team, we’ve designed a highly complex and nuanced user experience for a cloud-based custom software platform to better enable cell culture science.

My Life and Wishes
We handcrafted the UX for this startup application, taking it from a printed book to a customer software application with an intuitive interface that’s laser-focused on user goals.

Our UX Services Can Help You Better Serve Your Customers

User experience design is a big topic; sometimes it's hard to know where to start. We offer benchmarking audits, or we're happy to take 30 minutes on the phone or in person to talk about the experience you want to build. We’ll see if it’s a good fit for us, and if we’re a good fit for you.