Custom Software Development

Web Application Solutions Tailor-Made for Your Business

Custom Software Development
Does your business need an innovative, web-based software solution that forges new territory? Are you thinking too out of the box for “out of the box” software? Do your go-to-market plans require something completely custom?

When you have a vision for a tailor-made online application that would give your business a competitive advantage but don’t know how to go about getting it built, that’s where we come in. Custom solutions are one of our comfort zones. Our dedicated product, user experience, and software development teams are ready to make your vision a reality, no matter how complex.

You Can Count on Our Experience

We aren’t new to custom software development. We’ve been doing this for 15 years. Our in-house solutions architects, user experience designers, creative designers, database/security engineers, business analysts, and experienced project managers bring major horsepower to your project. We’ve been there, we’ve done it, and we know how to help you succeed.

User Experience
User Experience Design
We create goal-oriented, brand-boosting experiences that feel effortless to customers, on any device. 

Application Development
Application Development
We use best practices to build elegant, powerful software that drives business and gets you results.

We expertly launch applications to the cloud and ensure they perform without issues. 

 This is the best software development team I have worked with in my 40 year career.
Scott Fulton, CEO
- Cellara

Our Agile Approach to Building Software That Works

Whether your project is of limited scope and straightforward, or big, nuanced and complex, we work hard to satisfy our customers through early and continuous delivery of results.
Once you can clearly articulate your vision, we fire up our Agile development methodology to work iteratively toward your minimum viable product or, as we prefer to say, your minimum lovable product. Our goal is to deliver you a better product that costs less, within a quicker timeframe. Some tenets of our approach:

Custom Software Development for Statement of (K)are
  • We talk with you. A lot
    But we do even more listening. Understanding your needs is everything.
  • We estimate fully-defined work as we go
    Good estimates rely on well-defined requirements. Our ample experience has proven that estimating undefined work is a recipe for disappointment. Don’t worry, though; of course we help you with the definition, too. 
  • We give you a dedicated product team
    Team consistency leads to accuracy, speed, and elegance of the finished product. 
  • We adapt to changing needs. 
    Frequent check-ins and “over-the-shoulder” reviews of in-progress work allow us to course correct as needed, saving time, money and development cycles. 
  • We choose the right technical solution for your project.
    There’s no room for “one size fits all” in a custom software project. Down to the choice of programming language or platform, your project gets what it needs to shine. 

You Don’t Have to Know a Thing About Programming

Custom Software Development If technical jargon makes your eyes cross, rest assured you don’t need to know anything about what’s happening behind the scenes to engage in a custom solutions project with us. It’s not your job to know Javascript, C#, .NET, PHP, Angular JS, Node, client-side/server-side, or anything about databases. It’s ours.

All you need to be able to do is talk in plain English about what you need and we’ll handle the rest.

We’re Masters of Successful Cloud Applications

Some development shops can build software, but fall short when it comes to deploying it and ensuring it’s ready for prime time. Your custom development partner needs to know how to deploy and manage an application that has to be able to bear a heavy load. Don’t you want to be confident your site will be able to withstand Super Bowl ad-level traffic without your servers giving up?

With us as your partner, you can. We’ve done it (yes, with traffic driven by an actual Super Bowl ad). The ability to handle 250,000 sessions within a 60-second period with nary a performance blip doesn’t happen by accident.

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure

Software for Many Different Industries and Needs

Custom Software Development Our custom development experience includes:
  • Custom content management system (CMS) for websites 
  • Custom enterprise-level ecommerce platform for online retailers 
  • Online, consumer-facing end-of-life planning and management service 
  • Custom stem cell research software application 
  • Elastic, intelligent learning-based website/database search module 
  • Global laboratory information management system for a drug testing company 
We’ve done our share of integrations, too:
  • Platform integrations with Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Netsuite, Quickbooks, Fishbowl and more 
  • Shipping integrations with all major carriers (FedEx, USPS, UPS) 
  • Payment gateways like Paypal,, Payflow Pro, Paymentech, Orbital, Google Checkout, Verisign 
  • Marketing integrations including, but not limited to: MailChimp, Pardot, various CRMs, Adobe Site Catalyst, Google 

Duluth Trading Company
We've provided strategic tactical web technology planning, resulting in the development of a custom, full-featured ecommerce platform.

Working with Cellara since early 2015, we've helped them develop and market a custom software solution for cell culture science.

We've provided guidance towards a complete definition and clear roadmap to develop their custom NEPA compliance web application.

Let's Talk About Your Project

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