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For startups or new services

Websites that generate interest.

We love to help start-up businesses or existing companies generate interest. These websites are often small, but serve an important purpose. And, they need to be designed fast.  

With smaller budgets, we take a more prescriptive approach to SEO, value propositions, and designs. This allows you to launch your site faster and have a solid foundation that you can iterate to meet your needs as you grow. 

  • Good for smaller budgets and fast turnarounds.
  • Templated design approach with up to 12 pages.
  • Basic message development, light SEO and simple forms.

Examples: AIQ SolutionsCellara, SOK  

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For businesses looking to grow

Websites that generate leads.

Doesn't matter if you're a small company or big national business, when your website isn’t getting you the leads your sales team needs, it’s a problem. We can help.  

Lead generation doesn't happen by accident; it requires a strategic approach to your site. We start with understanding the problems you're trying to solve, the audiences you're trying to reach, and build you a goal-oriented, marketing website machine.  

  • User research and user experience (at every step).
  • Full strategy (branding, design, marketing, content).
  • Customized designs.
  • Full SEO from planning to 301 redirects.
  • Lead generation forms.
  • Wordpress, Webflow, or other appropriate CMS.
  • Ongoing website optimization.

Examples: GCW Lawyers, QPS Solutions, Sullivan designBuild 

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For meetings and events

Event websites that target attendance growth.

When you're promoting a meeting or event, your website is often the first impression people get of what to expect, so it has to be polished and easy to learn about sessions, speakers and simple to register. 

We design and develop event websites that are findable, intuitively designed, well-organized, and laser-focused on goals, to allow your prospective attendees and registrants to get the information they need and have a great experience leading up to your event. 

  • Branded design to match your conference theme.
  • Integrated with your event marketing.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Online registration integration.
  • Post-event publishing of archived session and speaker handouts.

Examples: BioPharmaceutical Technology Center Institute (BTCI),
International Symposium on Human Identification (ISHI)

For E-commerce internet retailers

Websites to sell products or subscriptions.

Selling online brings a whole different set of considerations to your website presence. E-commerce is one of our specialties, and we bring more than 15 years of experience to our clients who sell online. Whether you're a startup selling subscriptions or an established retailer who needs an e-commerce upgrade, we bring deep expertise from design to marketing to development to IT that most website design companies can't even touch. Get more information about our e-commerce solutions.

  • Full e-commerce website strategy (design, platform, etc.).
  • Customized designs.
  • Content and data strategy.
  • All-in SEO (technical, 301s, on-site content).
  • Web development.
  • System integrations (shipping, accounting, email, ERP).
  • Secure and scalable IT cloud hosting solutions.
  • Post-launch SEO, A/B testing and user behavior tracking optimization.
  • E-commerce marketing and KPI optimization.

Examples: Fair Indigo, ProClip USA, Innocorp, Cases By Source

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