Ecommerce Marketing

It Takes a Team of Experts to Get the Results You Want

Ecommerce marketing for online retailers
As an ecommerce business, your website is your most powerful sales tool. Its primary responsibility is to drive sales. It needs to incentivize your customers to take immediate action and convert. If your customers can’t easily find your site, learn about your products and services, pick what they'd like to buy, effortlessly use a shopping cart and complete their purchase, your sales will never reach full potential. 

Even for a small to mid-sized online retailer, successful ecommerce marketing requires a few different areas of expertise, which you’ll rarely find in a single person.

  • Ecommerce Strategy – Who will drive your overall marketing vision?
  • Program Coordination – Who will organize your ecommerce marketing plan and make sure it is well executed?
  • Specialty Experts – Who will run paid search, write creative copy, design advertising graphics, scrutinize your website analytics, etc.? 
You’ll rarely find all these capabilities well-represented by a single person. A NASCAR pit crew, for example, wouldn't expect one person to fix engines, change tires, keep an eye on the competition and make sure their racer finishes first. It’s a lot to ask, and the outcome is rarely satisfying. This is where we come in.

Simply Put, We Help Internet Retailers Get Results

We know what it takes to define a digital marketing strategy, launch the right programs and optimize them to get results. We have a team of digital marketers with expertise in search marketing, online advertising, social media, design, UX, analytics and leadership to set baselines and drive the results you need to grow. We’ve curated the right credentials, too: we’re a Google Partner and certified in Adwords, Analytics and Bing.

Find out how we can help.

We Increase Website Traffic and Brand Awareness

  • SEO – We provide in-depth keyword research and SEO analysis in order to execute everything from on-page SEO strategies to ongoing content marketing plans.
  • Content Marketing – We create engaging content that earns quality backlinks and ranks well in search engines.
  • Paid Search Advertising – We implement highly targeted paid campaigns across Bing, Google, Comparison Shopping Engines and Social Networks.
  • Display and Retargeting – We develop text and banner ad campaigns for a targeted audience on select content sites and relevant social media platforms.
  • Social Media – We develop social media strategies on  Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. and execute campaigns to drive traffic and engagement. 
  • Public Relations - We create a targeted PR strategy and use press releases and other engaging content to boost SEO and increase traffic. 

We Convert Shoppers into Buyers

  • Value proposition and brand messaging using success stories, testimonials, videos, supporting articles, etc. to encourage conversion.
  • Product merchandising using effective messaging, categorization, navigation, filtering and sorting.
  • Discounts and promotions strategy and management.
  • Email list development including planning, designing, creating and managing email campaigns.
  • User experience optimization and conversion testing to increase website effectiveness.

We Build Customer Relationships 

  • Email marketing development and execution of programs with direct offers, re-order programs, abandoned cart series, new customer welcome campaigns and other applicable methods.
  • Loyalty program implementation to reward customer behavior.
  • Engagement implementation using gift registries, wish lists, daily deals and on-site offers to keep customers coming back.
  • Community management via social media and develop relationships that lead to new orders. 
  • Online buyer review and ratings implementation using automated processes to solicit feedback.

We Strategize, Measure and Communicate

  • Quarterly strategy planning and forecasting.
  • Integrated sales channel planning.
  • Detailed report creation of top ecommerce KPIs including overall, new/returning, channels, attribution.
  • Daily/weekly monitoring of key marketing programs to ensure efficiency.
  • Regular updates, monthly “end-game” reports, and 30-day action plans.

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