Storefront Ecommerce Platform Features

Design your storefront to sell to your “ideal” customer and make the shopping experience “a dream.”

Organize Your Store

Organize Your Shop

Arrange your products in a way that makes sense to your customers. Guide them to the right department, to the right aisle, to the right shelf.

Fat Footer Site Directory

Create a Store Directory

Create a "Fat Footer" Site Map that lists the most popular shopping destinations. Make it a "one click" way to find your product categories and information.

Product Filtering

Filter by Size, Color, Price…

Our powerful, multi-attribute filtering feature enables your customers to narrow your product list to the specific attributes they want:
Women’s > Shirts > Cotton > Under $30.00.

Site Search

"Can You Help Me Find  ____"

Your customers can easily find exactly what they are looking for by searching any term, phrase or number. Analyze the search terms used and convert your findings into ways to better merchandise your products.

Email Signup Form

Encourage Customer Loyalty

Invite your customers to subscribe to your email list, newsletter and catalogs. Stay connected by informing them of sales, specials, promotions and more.

Easy Checkout

Easy Checkout Equals More Sales

Our three-step checkout process is simple and secure. Sales tax and shipping costs are calculated automatically. Many payment gateway options are supported and no credit card information is ever kept or stored.

Social Sharing

Popularize Your Store

Leverage the social web! We make it easy for your visitors to email, Tweet and "Like" those super deals or that perfect gift found only at your store.

GravityMarket™ Feature List