Management Ecommerce Platform Features

Manage your website content, analyze your sales activity, take advantage of buying trends and sell more!

Control Your Website Content

Take Control of Your Website

You’re in the Content Management Cockpit with all the levers, buttons, knobs and switches that allow you to update your eCommerce site. Content, banners, Meta data, product images, PDFs, videos, badges, tax rates and product availability all can be easily changed to keep your website fresh and updated.

Impersonate a Customer

Impersonate a Customer

Empower your customer support team to "shop for your customer." And, use this feature to evaluate and improve your customer experience from home page through checkout.

Different Stores for Different Buyers

Build Different Stores for Different Buyers

Do you sell to wholesalers or retail buyers? Using a single backend, manage many sub-stores that offer different design, products, categories, brands and price levels.

Easy Order Processing

Easy Order Processing

With our easy-to-use order processing features, you can get your orders through the door, fast!

Monitor Your Website Data

Keep On Top of Your Business!

In God we trust, all others bring data. Learn what’s selling, what buyers are looking at, who’s buying what, where they are coming from, who abandoned the cart and more. Our intuitive reports answer these questions and will help you make better business decisions.

GravityMarket™ Feature List