Integration Ecommerce Platform Features

Integrate with your business software, email system and analytics. Save time, increase efficiency and enjoy greater security.

Integrate With Your Business Software

2-Way Business Software Integration

Save time, reduce errors and increase efficiency. We have two-way integrations with many back-end business solutions such as NetSuite, MS-Dynamics, QuickBooks, FishBowl, Mail Order Manager, Ecometery and SalesForce. We also have standard integrations with tax providers, marketing and email solutions. We plan and customize the integration to meet your business rules that optimize the transfer of data to/from the website from your system (sales, payments products, tax information, email addresses, inventory, etc.) automatically.

Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateways

You’re in the business of selling products, not worrying about online credit. Our payment integration system connects with Verisign, PayPal, Paymentech, Authorize.Net, Payflow Pro, Orbital, Google Checkout and more. We provide real-time authorization. No credit card details are stored – ever. Payments deposit directly to your merchant account.

AcumiumMail Email Integration

AcumiumMail™ Email Marketing

Our integrated email marketing system is a standard feature that generates automatic, personalized emails to your customers… driving sales, reviews, loyalty and staying connected. In addition to AcumiumMail, we integrate with YesMail, MailChimp, Remarkety, Bronto, Pardot, and ExactTarget. 

Analyze Your Business

Analyze and Understand Your Business

Connect your website to popular analytics software to make critical and profitable business decisions. We integrate with Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Omniture and others. Use this data to produce the reports you need.

CSEs - Comparison Shopping Engines

Attract New Customers via CSEs

Market your product line to a world-wide network of shoppers. Our systems create optimized XML feeds that can be integrated with comparison shopping engines like Google Shopping, Shopzilla, Pricegrabber and more.

Real Time Shipping

Real Time Shipping

Need to integrate with UPS, FedEx and USPS? These are standard integrations for us. Customize a list of countries your customers can ship to. Create custom shipping tables that display the current rates. Drop-down options allow your customers to select preferred shipping method. Tracking information is sent promptly to your customers.

GravityMarket™ Feature List