Comprehensive digital strategies for this custom apparel company.


The back story 

Threadfellows, a division of River’s End Trading, needed an all-in-one strategic digital partner with a wide range of skills to help them rollout their digital marketing campaigns for their first catalog drop. In a short amount of time, we grew our partnership to ensure Threadfellows continues to hit the mark and reach their business goals.

Services we've provided

About Threadfellows

Threadfellows makes showing off brands a breeze with high-quality, branded apparel and accessories. Their top notch customer service, top-tier merchandise and best-in-class threadwork make them a smart choice for brands looking to make their mark on the world.

Visit www.threadfellows.com

Acumium is a true digital marketing business partner who also happens to provide the technical know-how, business savvy and creative prowess to be the full-service digital extension of our team. They’re very results-oriented and they’ve demonstrated their ability to produce a great return on investment for us.

Hilary Kleese , Threadfellows

We've done some great work together

Website design and digital marketing strategy

A digital presence was built in just 45 days to support Threadfellows business goals

We rolled out a first wave of tactics to launch Threadfellows digital presence in support of their catalog drop and website launch. In just 45 days, we created seven brand new digital marketing programs from scratch to support their business goals. During the first 3 months we launched a new PPC campaign, which generated $102,100 of total revenue with only $39,346 in ad spend for a ROAS of 259%.

Key Accomplishments

+54% PPC revenue

In the first 6 months, PPC accounted for 54% of all online revenue. 

+738% ROAS

Created a retargeting campaign for a ROAS of 738%. 

Increased social media presence

Grew Facebook fans to over 7K followers and drove 1.5MM impressions in 6 months.