The Back Story

From 2008 to 2015, Acumium built and maintained Rawhide Boys Ranch’s central access record system database (CARS) to integrate all their business systems.

In 2008, Rawhide needed to replace their in-house, DOS-based database with a web-based system that would provide a strong foundation for future business growth and expansion. Before working with Acumium, Rawhide already worked with several vendors on this replacement, but all efforts had failed.

The problem was not just their outdated DOS-based system. Each of Rawhide’s internal departments operated independently; each having their own software, business processes, forms, record-keeping and filing systems. Nothing was integrated. Furthermore, Rawhide believed that each of these individual systems was a necessary part of the company’s operations.

Car donor information was entered into the old system, then distributed via paper copies (often in triplicate) to other departments: marketing, accounting, sales, auction coordination, and vehicle maintenance and inspection services. Every month, dozens of reports were run to cross-check data accuracy throughout the company.

Key Accomplishments

We designed and built a new central access record systems database (CARS), which integrated all of Rawhide’s business systems. Rawhide’s way of doing business was transformed with greater efficiency and increased profitability. CARS supported all major users of the system:


  • Could complete a simple online donation form and receive an immediate, personalized email acknowledgement.
  • Could easily search and locate nearby drop-off locations by zip code; search was integrated with Google Maps; If no drop-off location was nearby, the car could be picked-up in 24-48 hours.
  • Were notified of eligible tax deductions based on projected sales revenue, while using the current tax legislation for donated vehicles.

Rawhide Employees

  • Had immediate access to all donor information entered into CARS on a real-time basis.
  • No longer needed to use multiple unnecessary software systems, filing processes and perform monthly reconciliation reports.
  • Experienced a substantial reduction in paperwork processing.
  • Benefited from a single business system with technical support, that greatly reduced internal IT and management time.
  • Approved necessary repairs based on projected sales revenue (done by Rawhide’s Sales department).


  • Could access a simplified auction look-up to see which vehicles were coming to auction, at which locations.
  • Appreciated improvements to the inspection and repair process, which allowed direct entry of repair estimates into CARS.

Services Included

About Rawhide Boys Ranch

Rawhide Boys Ranch is a nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the lives of at-risk youth and their families by helping them to lead healthy and responsible lives.