A global leader in life science solutions.

Promega is a global leader providing innovative solutions and technical support to a wide range of life scientist fields. Founded in 1978, their portfolio spans more than 3,000 products, with branches in 16 countries, and more than 50 distributors serving 100 countries worldwide.

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How We Got Started

Promega's IT staff supports several different departments, each with their own websites, web development and IT support needs. Promega contacted Acumium when it became too much to handle internally. With thirteen ancillary websites built on outdated platforms or static web pages, they needed a trusted partner with the resources and expertise to tackle the hosting migration, switch to a new platform and the redesign of each of the sites. 

In a phased approach, Acumium is taking the burden off Promega's IT, working to move all their ancillary sites off Promega's servers into our secure, cloud-based hosting environment. We've started on two of the website redesigns (ISHI News & BTCI), scheduled to launch late 2017. 

Now, when the individual departments need web development support, Acumium is ready to step-in and provide quick resolution. WordPress is a platform new to many site admins at Promega. We provide their users with the necessary training to allow them to manage their content independently through the CMS. Our digital marketing team is getting involved by providing email marketing consulting to their marketing department. 

Services Include

  • Hosting and platform migration for multiple sites
  • Cloud-based hosting and IT support
  • Website planning and UX design 
  • WordPress website development
  • WordPress admin training and web development support
  • Email marketing consulting