A universal app for iPhone and iPad, Mosaiscope provides a window into two pools of information -- topics (like New York) and sources (like New York Times).


The back story

Mosaiscope™, the easiest, most flexible, customizable, innovative, and beautiful way to discover, read, and share the content you love. It is a next level custom news feed reader and RSS aggregator that allows you to subscribe to your favorite websites and blogs as easily as you subscribe to podcasts.

Mosaiscope™ is regularly updated with new features and services, it is free forever with a robust Basic service, and gives access to powerful features and services with a Mosaiscope™ +Plus Subscription – Innovations like the Collections feature, which is an fantastic way to collect the content you love and a great way for people to check out your curated collections of content; the Email Subscribe™ feature, which allows you to treat specific emails (think email newsletters and offers) like headlines and gets them out of your inbox and into your Mosaiscope™; or our world first Pinpoint Bookmarking™ (Patent Pending) which allows you to bookmark exactly where you left off in an article, down to the word. Mosaiscope™ is simply the best way to discover, read, and share your favorite content.

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What they said

If Feedly and Flipboard aren’t doing it for you, try out Mosaiscope, a sleek newcomer to the RSS aggregator field.

_Gear Patrol

So, what did I think of Mosaiscope compared to other apps like News, Feedly, Fiery Feeds and so on? I like the fact that it's possible to switch between viewing formats with a tap. I found the syncing capabilities to be lightning-fast compared to some of the other apps I use. But the thing that impressed me the most was the way Mosaiscope makes it easy to discover new topics and sources of information for inclusion. I didn't try out the Email Subscribe capability simply because my personal preference is to separate news and email-based newsletters, but at least Mosaiscope lets me make that choice.

_Steven Sande / Appleworld Today

User Review

Beautiful way to get stories


by_Andrew in Portland, 06/08/2017

This app is very clean, and it's where I discover things I want to share.

It gets content from a lot of various sources too. You can set it up to look like a magazine or more like a simple news reader.

And you can add your own URLs to the mix.

Form and Function


by_stdotraphael, 12/02/2015

By far my favorite news aggregator. Unique functions and elegant style set it apart from a crowded field of players. Has replaced all my other "feeders." Just about perfect!

Easy to use, nice to look at, intuitive app


by_love.is.hell, 12/02/2015

It is a must have app for those who love to read. It gives you the ability to really customize your experience surfing reading material on a subject by subject basis in a very new way. Awesome!

Mosaiscope - the app gives readers plenty of choice in terms of how they want to discover or read news, how they want to see that news, and even what device they want to read it on. It's speedy, bug-free, and Enemy Tree appears to have a long-range strategy for the app -- something that even Apple doesn't seem to have for its News app. 

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