As Forward Fest comes to a close, we’re thrilled to have participated in several events across the eight-day conference in Madison. We were honored to sponsor a hub at Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce’s neXXpo event. If you’re unfamiliar, neXXpo is an opportunity for attendees to discover what’s next for Greater Madison’s economy and what businesses are doing to push the boundaries in innovation. We’re fortunate to work every day with an incredible group of innovative brands that are changing the way people do business or in some cases the world. Here are five of our clients who were vying to be named Madison’s Most Innovative Company (MIC):

AIQ Solutions

AIQ Solutions is literally changing the way cancer is being treated. Their technology provides clinicians with a better understanding of treatment response so they can more effectively treat complex diseases. Early detection is more thorough and precise with the AIQ technology giving oncologists better information to plan treatments and provide patients with options. Radiologists are shown multiple layers of information around the anatomical location and number of individual lesions, the total volume of lesions, quantitative and qualitative individual and composite changes in lesion volume during active therapy, and heterogeneity of lesion responses that occur during a therapeutic regimen. Complex disease treatment revolutionized.


Cellara’s CultureTrax software is innovating stem cell workflows. With a dynamic team of stem cell and biotechnology professionals, their approach will help fellow scientists better communicate with each other, more precisely document their work, and more effectively share knowledge and research. CultureTrax is the first platform for stem cell culture researchers and scientists. The company’s vision is to accelerate scientific discoveries and breakthrough therapies based on advanced cell culture technology. 

Gingras, Thomsen & Wachs Lawyers

Gingras, Thomsen & Wachs Lawyers is not your average law firm. Fighting injustice isn’t their job, it’s their passion. They’re determined to combat dishonesty – with integrity, passion, and dedication that never quits. Their clients become family and their cases catapult us into the community, where we actively work to drive change and better the areas we serve.

Their work is changing communities for the better. They give their clients the power to overcome the injustices they’ve faced. Gingras, Thomsen & Wachs Lawyers gets involved and rights the wrong.

ProClip USA

When it comes to safety, ProClip USA is paving the way for safe driving. Their machine-tooled, high-grade plastic phone mounts custom fit to your vehicle and your device for a superior experience. No matter if you’re team Apple or team Android, or whether you drive a Ford F-150 or a Toyota Corolla, ProClip has a mount that will fit your vehicle and offer you hands-free accessibility. They’re also changing the game in fleet solutions with their ELD mounting solutions. They’ve partnered with Samsung and other B2B retailers to make the necessary changes for fleet safety as smooth as possible.


Promega, a global leader in providing innovative solutions and technical support to life scientists, took home the coveted title of hub finalist for Madison’s Most Innovative Company. Their products are used by life scientists who are asking fundamental questions about biological processes as well as by scientists who are applying scientific knowledge to diagnose and treat diseases, discover new therapeutics, and use genetics and DNA testing for human identification. In addition to their breakthrough technology, Promega exhibits innovation in their corporate culture from their on-site food gardens to their fun runs and yoga classes. Promega will participate in the Chamber’s Nex7 event in November in hopes of being named Madison’s Most Innovative Company.

Thank you to all of our clients and the Chamber of Commerce for a great time at neXXpo, we can’t wait until Forward Fest 2020!