Recently at Google Marketing Next, a large conference hosted by Google, the search giant announced that the new AdWords interface would be rolled out by the end of 2017.

As a Google Partner, Acumium’s digital marketing team has access to the Alpha version of AdWords and have been getting familiar with the redesign.

The greatest benefit we’ve identified in the new AdWords is the dynamic data visualization now available on the overview page. It’s as though Tableau or Domo invaded AdWords and the result is actionable information in six predetermined “cards”, each of which can be changed to show different KPIs, date ranges and comparisons.

Here are the four benefits these “cards” bring:

1. See Cross Device Behavior More Clearly

How many times have you struggled to explain how mobile traffic is growing, but have been hindered because the conversions are still happening on desktop? Or, tried to show how you can use mobile to inexpensively drive conversions across devices, only to get blocked by data in the visuals? No more. In the new AdWords, the device card speaks volumes about attribution, much more than a traditional attribution model.

2. See When Traffic is Converting

Likewise, the Day & Hour widget allows you to see when you drive the most traffic, have the best ad position, or spend and earn the most. You can use the drop down to see day and hour data for a dozen different KPIs in just a few seconds. Have you ever questioned if lowering bids during low conversion times has an impact on high conversion times? You can use this tool to quickly evaluate day-parting attribution tests.

3. Leverage Demographic Information More Easily

In the old AdWords, compiling broad demographic data across campaigns was hard. You’ll immediately notice that information like household income is now readily available to you without having to go into Locations>advanced search settings for every single campaign. Moreover, if you want next-gen control, you can apply these bid adjustments to every single ad group.

4. Target Device-Specific Bidding with Ease

The new AdWords interface also leverages device bid adjustments at the campaign and ad group level without having to dig into settings for every campaign and/or ad group and toggle between the two. This is a huge time-saver…in other words, the sooner you can upgrade to the new interface, the better!

Do not leave AdWords senior in your past altogether! You will need it to easily apply audiences across ad groups, for creating extensions, for making many of the available bid adjustments, managing dynamic search ads, and app install and engagement functions.

Find Out if You Have Access

If you can’t wait to get your hands on this new version of AdWords, remember access is granted at the account level, not at management account levels or to specific individuals.

To see if your account is eligible, click the settings cog. If you see the ‘Try the new AdWords BETA’ line, you can toggle between the two interfaces at will.