You’ve probably heard the news that Magento 1 will no longer be supported after June of 2020. Organizations still using Magento 1 will most likely look to upgrade to Magento 2, but is that the right platform for your business and its long-term success? As the deadline quickly approaches, we’re taking a deeper dive into some of the considerations you should review before upgrading your software and making the move to Magento 2.

When you kick-off your website upgrade, or even a new web development project entirely, the question of which platform to use will become center stage. Should your site be built on WordPress, Shopify, Kentico, Magento or another software? As you and your development team research the right platform for your business, understanding Magento, its capabilities, and what you need your site to do will be crucial for your success.

Magento is a comprehensive e-commerce website solution that provides flexibility and unique customizations. In this platform, your customers can have an engaging shopping experience while reaping the benefits of best-in-class security and performance. Magento is an ideal option for e-commerce companies who have back-office systems they need to integrate with, are in need of advanced customizations, and are poised for future growth. It can eliminate underperformance issues and instability, while giving you all the options you need for future growth.

Upgrading to Magento 2

There are several benefits of Magento 2 that make it a good solution to upgrade to, but for some clients it may not be a good fit for what their business actually needs, and what their budget allows for. In our experience, Magento 2 is best for companies who share the following common themes: 

  • Custom-Built Websites

If your website was a custom-build the first time around, you’ll most likely want to look at Magento 2 as your upgraded platform. You’ll want to keep all of the unique capabilities that your existing site has and add the flexibility to grow and adapt with your changing business needs in the future. Your site most likely has unique extensions, plugins or other custom functionality that was added to make it function in the way you wanted and needed it to and you’ll want to make sure those additions get carried over into your new website. In order to do this, find a partner with a good development team so you can ensure nothing gets missed.

  • Back Office Systems

Is your back office system running in tandem with your website? Magento 2 has the ability to integrate with many of the most popular back office systems, and its admin interface has been updated so your teams will be able to operate more efficiently through the new streamlined interface. Track sales, optimize operations, and set up products faster for better productivity and profitability.

  • Future-Readiness

Are you looking to grow your business in the future? Want to make sure you’ve got a platform that can grow as your business grows? With Magento 2, there’s an inherent flexibility that allows e-commerce retailers to adjust to their changing retail environment. To ensure future success, Magento leverages some of the latest technologies so that your site can compete with challengers across desktop and on mobile. Magento 2 also undergoes frequent updates allowing it to adapt as future changes occur and not become outdated and obsolete.

  • Planned Budget

Upgrading to Magento 2 will come with a cost, and that cost will depend greatly on the customizations your existing site was built with. Defining your budget ahead of time will help your team meet your goals for the project and stay on track, making your transition much smoother. If you know your site has numerous customizations, plan for a larger budget than if your site was a more straightforward build. You’ll want the support of a Magento-certified developer to help you navigate the upgrade and bring your site to life.

Whether Magento 2 is right for your business or you’re thinking you’ll need a different website platform, our solutions delivery team can help you understand what the best software for your business is. With a staff of developers certified in Magento, WordPress, Shopify and more, we’ll discuss your business and its needs to determine if Magento 2 is the right solution for you. Keep in mind you’ll want to initiate your Magento transition plan before the deadline, beginning your plan today will help your business successfully make the jump to your next platform. 

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