To showcase innovation in Madison and among our client base, Acumium is a proud sponsor of the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce event neXXpo. It’s all part of an eight-day conference called Forward Fest, Wisconsin’s largest technology and entrepreneurship festival.

The event is a celebration of innovation and entrepreneurship, and its goal is to highlight businesses that will help drive our success in the next wave of the economy. Acumium, a Madison, Wisconsin-based digital marketing and web development agency, is proud to sponsor the following companies:



One of the first major financial commitments college students and young professionals make is signing an apartment lease. What many of them don’t realize is that the credit reporting system in the United States does not include on-time rent payments as part of their credit history.

Scott and Matt Johanek, recent graduates from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, learned this the hard way but were smart enough to do something about it. They created DROPP, a web application that helps people establish and build credit worthiness through monthly payments that traditional credit reporting agencies ignore when compiling credit histories. These payments include such significant expenses as rent and childcare. What’s more, DROPP makes all this possible without the need for credit cards. Get the full story

Standard of (k)are


“Retirement readiness” has become a buzz term in the financial planning industry. Retirement planning professionals now recognize that it is not enough to simply track participant rates, deferral rates and fund performances. They must be able to demonstrate and measure an individual’s ability to retire successfully — which means providing a higher level of service.

Chris Krueger and Dan Helf, veteran retirement planning advisors based in Madison, Wis., recognized this gap in the industry and worked to formulate a more efficient and personable way to help people achieve long-term feelings of security in the retirement planning process. They developed Standard of (k)are™ — a full-service web application that uses best fiduciary practices to create a retirement readiness tool for 401(k) advisors, plan sponsors and participants. Read more about Standard of (k)are



Stem cell research is revolutionizing science and technology, and scientists need exceptional tools to keep pace in this rapidly evolving field. Enter Cellara, a dynamic team of stem cell and biotechnology professionals which is leading the way in establishing a global laboratory standard. Their approach will help fellow scientists better communicate with each other, more precisely document their work, and more effectively share knowledge and research.

Through development and collaboration with scientists and software experts, Cellara has introduced CultureTrax® — the first platform for stem cell culture researchers and scientists. The company’s vision is to accelerate scientific discoveries and breakthrough therapies based on advanced cell culture technology. Learn more about Cellara

My Life and Wishes


When Michelle Braddock’s father, a private man who didn’t share household information with family members, passed away unexpectedly in 2013, she not only grieved the loss but also struggled to tie up all the loose ends. Michelle and her husband, Jon, spent months locating and obtaining access to her father’s bank accounts, insurance policies, safe deposits, retirement and pension accounts, online profiles and other valuable data that required closure.

The frustration that went along with that process led to conversations with friends who’d lost loved ones and experienced similar challenges. With Jon’s entrepreneurial experience and Michelle’s 30-plus years in the insurance and financial services industry, the couple created My Life & Wishes — a secure, online end-of-life planning platform and digital record that eliminates many of the anxieties survivors typically experience. Get the full scoop about My Life and Wishes



In 1992, a drunk driver barreled into the front yard of a home in Dane County, Wis., and struck a friend of Michael Aguilar’s 5-year-old son. The boy spent a week in the hospital and survived. Knowing how much worse the incident could have been, Aguilar — then the owner of a management consulting and training company — was determined to do something to help prevent future drunk driving-related injuries and fatalities.

He and his friend, Patrick Flaherty, developed the concept of so-called “drunk goggles” to simulate alcohol impairment as a tool to educate people about the dangers of drunk driving. The roots of Innocorp were in place, the start of a line of awareness-boosting impairment-simulating products and educational materials. Read the full story on Innocorp

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