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At Acumium, we believe in doing good and giving back; it’s part of our culture, and part of our lives. To live out this mission in 2019 and beyond, we launched a social good hackathon, HackingKindness, where we partner with a local organization to establish their website design, development, digital marketing and/or overall business strategy. After casting an open call for nominations, we found our first-ever HackingKindness partner, Mikayla’s Grace.

Mikayla’s Grace has a special mission, supporting families with a baby in the NICU (neonatal ICU) and those who experience the death of an infant at hospitals in Wisconsin by providing items that offer both practical and emotional support for the parents. To honor this mission, we collaborated with the Mikayla’s Grace team to strategically update their branding and give a new look to their website.

With close communication with Mikayla’s Grace founder, Melissa Terrill, our internal design and development teams strategized a more modern look and feel for the brand without losing the passion and dedication the team has for the people they serve. In addition, Melissa needed a site that was easy to update and also functioned in all the necessary ways: for people to learn more about Mikayla’s Grace, to easily find upcoming events and to donate without hassle or inconvenience. Mikayla’s Grace also wanted to combine their existing event website for the annual Forever in Our Hearts Day with the Mikayla’s Grace site so users could find information about the event and the organization all in one place.

During a daylong hackathon, Acumium designers and developers got to work crafting the updated logo and website for Mikayla’s Grace. Since we were merging the two sites, Mikayla’s Grace and Forever in Our Hearts, WordPress seemed like a natural fit for Melissa and her team moving forward as it allows for simple updates and easy maintenance. The final design is clean and straightforward, calling out all of the main functions that Mikayla’s Grace needed right at first glance.



The new site is live and hosted by our internal teams. We’re honored to have met such an incredible organization and team in Mikayla’s Grace and are excited for their new site to be used to help families in Wisconsin and beyond. Check out the full website here to learn more about Mikayla’s Grace.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to our hackathon sponsors Sal’s Tomato Pies and Karben4 for supplying our teams with food and beverages during the daylong hackathon. As 2019 is in the books, we’re already getting ready for 2020! Submit a nomination today for a local business or non-profit that does good within our community that needs help with website design, development, branding, creative design or digital marketing assistance.